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We live in an age in which intellectual properties (IPs) are widely recognized as valuable economic assets.  Fictional characters and the fictional worlds in which they live are closely guarded commodities.  While this state of affairs helps to ensure that a creator is able to maintain control of the merchandising revenue and the creative direction of their characters and stories, it also has some downsides.  It means that creative collaboration requires complicated legal agreements and monetary arrangements.  It means that fans who are passionate about a particular character or story are limited in their ability to contribute their own creativity and passion, to build upon the source.  This is particularly tragic when a large corporation legally owns the rights to many beloved characters and stories that they rarely use, or use poorly, or don't use at all.

Related fictional characters and the fictional worlds in which they live are often referred to as a fictional "Universe."  Most fictional universes are comprised of closely guarded intellectual properties, that can not be used without special agreements or arrangements.  This website is dedicated to collecting information on characters and settings which are in the public domain, or are freely licensed by their creators.  This effort will help to create a "Free Universe" in which ALL characters and settings can be freely used by ANYONE in ANY kind of work!  As far as I know, this is the first major attempt to create a collaborative fictional universe that is comprised entirely of ideas which are OPEN SOURCE (freely licensed) or in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

What does that mean?  Well, if you're the creative type, it means you can assert full control over any part of this fictional universe, and assimilate these ideas into your own books, movies, comics, games and visual art.

How is that possible?  Don't I need special permission?  Why would I want to be a part of this? 

Well, if you're confused, and you don't understand what's going on here, I suggest you do some research on copyright laws and then take a gander at our FAQ section.  If you still have questions after that, you can try asking around in our Forum.  That's where we will be meeting to discuss the intricacies of the law, the value of open source characters, and the fabulous projects we are working on.  Join us and share our world!


MAY 30, 2013 - Watch out for the creepy crawlys this summer! Introducing Ant Queen, The Creeper and The Eel!

APR 5, 2013 - Back Again! Today, we give you three bad villains with some pretty bad names...maybe their creators gave them these names as an April Fool's joke, and they took it seriously! Introducing IBAC, Moloka and Najar!

JULY 4, 2012 - Once again, Happy Independence Day! This year, we are celebrating the birth of our nation, by introducing some patriotic characters, including American Crusader, Captain Freedom, and Miss America! The Atlas has also been updated.

MAR 1, 2012 - It's March, so let's meet some more might heroes: Miss Victory! Magno! and...Marvin the Great?

FEB 14, 2012 - Happy Valentine's Day! Today, you get to meet three very eligible bachelors who just joined the hairclub for men. They're looking to make a connection with their online profile! Meet Dablo, Mako and the Fang! The gentlemen out there might be interested in a girl with strong convictions. Meet Yankee Girl!

FEB 2, 2012 - It's almost time for the Superbowl. But who needs brawn when your head's so big that hair won't fit on it, much less a helmet. That's the problem faced by Super-Brain, Droon and Dr. Sivana!

JAN 16, 2012 - It's Mmmonday, and we have a treat to get you through the week. Introducing three mighty maidens: Miss Fury, Moon Girl and the Magician from Mars!

DEC 27, 2011 - Today we meet a few creatures on Santa's naughty list: Amorpho, Mr. Aqua and Toad!

DEC 9, 2011 - Winter approaches, but nothing is colder than the hearts of the deadly agents we introduce today: Frost, Iron Jaw and the Rubber Man. You can also learn cold justice administered by the "anti-hero" Fantomah!

DEC 2, 2011 - The holidays are upon us, and I thought we'd celebrate with profiles of some of the most legendary characters in the public domain. Today, we are pleased to present Captain Marvel, The Shield and Thor. We also present the first character in our new "anti-hero" section...the merciless super-wizard, Stardust.

JULY 23, 2011 - Today, we present the ABC's of open source characters. Learn about the new legends: Astro-Man, Battle-Cry and the Cosmic Custodian. Also, updated Plastic Man and the Atlas (fictional nations).

JULY 20, 2011 - And We're Back! Again! Sorry for the delays folks, but I hope you like the new site! Some evil forces must be at work, trying to destroy our beloved universe. Today, we introduce lots of new evil to the Free Universe, including the femme fatales Granite, Thrilla and the Minxy Sphinx. We also introduce two insidious new alien races: the Disc Men and the Volta Men!

JAN 31, 2011 - 1Free Take 2 launched with minor site improvements.

OCT 26, 2010 - Halloween is approaching and new villains have emerged. Huge update! Added Marto, Mastermind, Lady Serpent and the Puzzler! Plus, the tyrant universe has been unleashed with all new characters: Blood Beetle, Deathdevil and Miss Marauder. Also added Lash Lightning, Plastic Man and the Zutarian Imps. Updated Blue Bolt and Blue Beetle.

JULY 19, 2010 - Monday Blues: Added Blue Bolt, Blue Beetle and the Shark!

JULY 4, 2010 - Happy Independence Day! We're celebrating freedom at the Free Universe with the addition of Pat Patriot! We've also added Miss Masque, the Black Dragon and the alien Stonebacks. Updated Green Sorceress.

JUN 4, 2010 - Added The Green Army.

JUN 1, 2010 - Added Bronze Terror, Green Sorceress, Mirror Man and Torch.

MAY 26, 2010 - Added The Comet and The Cobra. Updated The Ghost and The Black Terror.

MAR 1, 2010 - Site is under construction.

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