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John Aman

(aka “The Green Mist”)

Alias: John Aman
Occupation:  Hero, Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  Council of Seven
Base of Operations: Tibet, New York
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #5 (Centaur, September, 1939)
Known Creators: Bill Everett


Orphaned as an infant, Aman was chosen for his "superb physical structure" to be raised by benevolent monks in Tibet for the first 25 years of his life. The Council of Seven, as the monks are known, each tutored him in their respective disciplines, to maximize his physical and mental capabilities.  His guardian, Sifu Nika, also gave him a chemical solution that allowed him to disappear into a cloud of green mist. After passing his final tests, he was sent out into the world to use his skills and abilities to fight for freedom and justice.

One member of the Council of Seven had other plans for Aman.  The one known only as "The Great Question" monitored Aman's activities and attempted to manipulate his fate, both with telepathic suggestions and through more conventional means.  He hoped to use Aman in his bid for global domination, and when Aman refused to join him, The Great Question attempted to discredit him.  When that effort failed, the Great Question decided to destroy him.  Aman must now find and defeat his great enemy.


Continuing the Story:   
Aman, having fought in World War II at the age of 25, would likely have retired from action by the mid 70's, but may have continued to train new heroes for many years as a member of the Council of Seven.


In a re-imagined story, it would make more sense for Aman to be of Chinese descent, with one of his parents being American born (making him a citizen).  It would also make more sense to emphasize the fact, that Aman's effectiveness in combat is due to extensive Wushu training.  In this new depiction, his sidekick Tommy would not have superhuman abilities, but would, instead be Aman's American martial arts student and protégé.  To explain his costume, you could say that Aman's unusual chest gear is actually an ancient artifact from a Chinese Warlord, and that it helps to enhance his strength and physical abilities.  Perhaps the rest of his costume is what he wears on the professional cage fighting circuit.  Often, Aman simply wore a suit or other street clothes.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Through the use of a special chemical, Aman is able to transform his body, or parts of it, into a green mist, which confuses his enemies, allows bullets to pass through him, and allows him to slip through narrow spaces, such as cracks.  John Aman was also trained to be the pinnacle of human achievement.  He is strong enough to out pull an elephant, and he is a master of the martial arts.  He is disciplined enough to block all sensations of fear and pain.  He can speak nearly every language on Earth, pilot any vehicle like an ace, and is otherwise well educated and well trained.  After a purification ritual, he was given chest gear that was said to be indestructible, and which gave him the strength of 20 men.  He also owned a custom high speed plane and eventually he got an apartment in New York, which included a secret sanctum, where he stored mystical artifacts and communicated with Nika.


In later issues, Aman revealed that he had a variety of telepathic powers including the ability to read thoughts and hypnotize enemies within his vicinity (though the Great Question was too powerful to be effected).  He also had the ability to telepathically summon the mind or spirit of Nika, and communicate with him from the other side of the world.  Aman also demonstrated ridiculously augmented strength and invulnerability (he could lift a nuclear submarine out of the water, and could only be destroyed with atomic weapons).  Nika later granted Aman even grater strength, and the ability to fly through some mystical means.  At this point, it's clear that the writer's simply had Superman envy.


AMAZING BOY (Tommy Henderson)
The younger brother of Aman's American assistant, Zona.  Tommy's curiosity led him to sneak into Aman's secret sanctum where he was exposed to the same mystical energy that gave Aman his super strength and flying ability.  Tommy was granted the same abilities and became Aman's sidekick.  In a modern reboot, he might simply be Aman's martial arts protégé and apprentice of the council's teachings.  Tommy liked to go get ice cream after a harrowing adventure.
First Appearance:
Amazing Man Comics #23 (Aug 1941).
Zona Henderson
Zona was an "ace crime investigator" who partnered with Amazing Man after he rescued her from the dungeon of a castle in New Orleans which served as the hideout for a gang of bandits.  At the time, she was working as a "special investigator" for the New Orleans Eagle.  Zona always wore red, referred to Aman as "Pal" and would follow him on missions, even if he didn't want her to come along.  It was said that Zona could think three times faster than an average person. She was a capable pilot, climber, fighter and all around action girl. On missions, she wore a red jumpsuit and carried a pair of six shooters which she could wield with deadly accuracy.  She was fairly aggressive.
First Appearance:
Amazing Man Comics #11
Dr. Nika
Aman's personal guardian on the Council of Seven.  He is the master of many ancient secrets, both scientific and mystical.  He is the inventor of the Green Mist formula.  He has the ability to project himself into the minds of others telepathically.
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #5
Lady Zina
A master knife thrower, who is a member of the Council of Seven.  She threw knives into Aman, missing his vital organs by millimeters, in order to test his ability to control his fear and pain.
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #5
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