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Alias:  Too many to name.
Occupation:  Salt Eater, Thief
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the galaxy...
Height: Variable
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: None
Hair: None
Species: Extraterrestrial
First Appearance:  Plastic Man #21 (Quality, January, 1950)
Known Creators:  
  Jack Cole

Amorpho is an alien outcast, banished from its planet for stealing and creating mischief. It came to earth in search of the salt it must consume in order to maintain a solid shape. However, it was soon detected, and forced to battle Plastic Man. After loosing their battle, Amorpho was forced to get back in his rocket and find another world to pester.


Equipment and Abilities: 
Amorpho is capable of changing its blob-like mass into any shape or color. It can condense its own body so that it is as small as a squirrel, or expand it to be as large as a car or tree. It can perfectly mimic nearly anything it sees, including people, animals and inannimate objects. In humanoid form, it is capable of stretching its limbs to incredible lengths, and using those limbs as powerful grasping tentacles. Amorpho's body is at least as elastic as Plastic Man's, meaning that most physical attacks simply bounce off of it. It must consume salt to maintain its solidity.




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