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Baron Doom


Alias:  Baron Dominik Von Unheil
Occupation:  Spy, Assassin
Group Affiliation:  The Death Battalion
Base of Operations: Mobile (aboard personal submarine)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance:  Silver Streak Comics #19 (Lev Gleason, March, 1942)
Known Creators:  

As a wealthy German Baron, Doom was admitted to the highest institutions of learning, but he developd a sadistic sense of entitlement and a desire to subjugate lesser men. When the second World War started, he saw an opportunity to dominate people around the world. Although he could have easily obtained an officer's position, he was not interested in letting subordniates have all the fun. He wanted to see his enemies in person, and watch them fall to their knees in submission. The Nazis sent him on many special missions, and gave him command over his own submarine as a means of traveling across the globe undetected. On one such mission, Doom was tasked with finding the lost treasure of the pirate Captain Kydd. During this adventure, Doom came into conflict with Captain Battle.


Continuing the Story:
If Doom managed to survive the war, he likely would have become a fugitive, hiding on his sub, resupplying in pirate coves and earning his living as a high priced assassin and mercenary.


Even if Doom had not been involved in World War II, there have been plenty of wars since, from which he could profit as a ruthless mercenary and assassin.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Baron Doom is recognized by friend and foe alike as one of the greatest spies on the planet, and he is capable of infiltrating nearly any instillation, to kill or sabotage the enemy. His ability to go undetected has given rise to the myth that he is actually a kind of goblin or wraith. However, there can be no doubt of his existence, as he enjoys the theatrics of utterly disintegrating his targets with high explosives.

Baron Doom is well educated and well trained. He is only moderately skilled in hand to hand combat, but he is an expert with most weapons, especially the whip. He often carries a steel whip, that can grasp objects and emit an electrical charge. He travels the world in his own submarine.




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