Free Universe Characters


Blood Beelte

"Champion of the Underworld"

Dan Garret

Alias: Dan Garret
Occupation:  Crooked Cop, Hitman
Group Affiliation:  The Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Dan was born on December 6, 1916.  He grew up in a tenement in a tough Irish neighborhood.  His mother died of the flu when he was 3.  All of this made him a tougher and unusually independent child.  But his father served as a terrible role model and made no effort to help the troubled youth. Dan found himself taking his frustrations out on the weak, becoming a horrible thugs and bully, even as a kid.  Dan worked odd jobs for the local mob, trying desperately to get revenge on his father by ruining the family name completely. However, he realized that the only way to do that would be to join the police force himself. Trying to keep the brat out of his hair, his father gave him a wad of dough for college.  Dan earned a full academic scholarship by cheating and became a major sports star in college by using steroids and threatening his opponents with death. When he finally returned to his neighborhood, his father was shot by concerned citizens who he had threatened.  Dan joined the police force, hoping to gain control over local neighborhoods and get a piece of the action from his father's rackets. But he soon discovered that wearing a badge made him easy to identify when he committed his most heinous crimes.  So, he created a new identity for himself, and as the Blood Beetle, he became a true killer, beyond the reach of justice.  As the legend of the Blood Beetle grew, he realized he had a powerful new way to terrify his victims.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Blood Beetle is an exceptional athlete and fighter.  He was a collegiate boxing champion, All-American football player and hockey star at State University.  He was also a reasonably skilled acrobat and climber.  He worked as a beat cop, but he wore a blood red chain mail costume beneath his police uniform.  The chain mail was sufficient to protect him from most bullets and melee attacks.

Later, the Blood Beetle used Dr. Franz's Vitamin 2X, which gave him superhuman strength and recovery time.

The Blood Beetle also carried specialized equipment, including a light which projected "The Mark of the Beetle" which was used to frighten or distract opponents.  His suit had an electronic ear which could amplify his hearing.  He also carried an untraceable wireless phone, and a short range wrist communicator.  As a police officer, the Blood Beetle was proficient in the use of firearms and he used them frequently.


Mike Mannigan Mike Mannigan
The most crooked cop to ever wear a uniform, who was the partner of Mike Garret for more than 25 years, and is now partnered with his son, Dan.  He thinks the Blood Beetle is encroaching on his racket, even though he's cut Mike in more than once and assisted him in killing a number of enemies.  Mannigan once played for the Jersey Bushwacks, and he is a bit of a snob, who collects modern art.  He has a heavy Irish accent.
Joan Mason Joan Mason
Joan is a twisted crime reporter and photographer who has been following the exploits of the Blood Beetle.  She worked for The Bulletin, Daily Blade, New York Chronicle and Daily Planet at different points in her career.  She digs for the filthiest kind of dirt, which is why she hangs out with Mannigan and Garret.
Dr. Franz Dr. Abraham Franz
A mad scientist, with no regard for ethics who created Vitamin 2X which gives the Beetle his superhuman strength.  Franz owns a local drugstore, and in the back is Franz's drug lab where he manufactures illegal narcotics. This lab also serves as the Blood Beetle's headquarters.  Franz has also applied makeup to Garret to disguise him.  He is a crazy co-conspirator with the Beetle and has attacked many people himself using a gun and with improvised Molotoff cocktails.
SPARKER (Sparkington J. Northrup) 
Blue Beetle’s sidekick.  Sparker was an American orphan raised in England by the tyrant, Lord Wellington of Suppleshire, England. He became the Blood Beetle's sidekick when he was kicked out of England for bad behavior, and sent back to America.
Commissioner Donnelly
The police commissioner that Dan and Mike report to.  He had a daughter named Mary who was about the same age as Dan.
Mike Garret
A corrupt and abusive beat cop who left Dan to raise himself on the mean streets after his mother died.  He was gunned down while trying to shake down an innocent business owner named Chick Alonzo.

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