Free Universe Characters


Blue Beelte

"Foe of the Underworld"

Dan Garret

Alias: Dan Garret
Occupation:  Police Officer, Vigilante
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
First Appearance: Mystery Men #1 (Fox, August, 1939)
Known Creators: Charles Nicholas


Dan was born on December 6, 1916.  He grew up in a tenement in a tough Irish neighborhood.  His mother died of the flu when he was 3.  All of this made him a tougher and unusually independent child.  But his father served as a strong role model and despite his own problems, he found himself defending the weak from thugs and bullies, even as a kid.  Dan worked odd jobs to help support himself and he hoped to one day become a great police officer like his father.  However, his father insisted that he go to college first.  Dan earned a full academic scholarship and became a major sports star in college, but returned home when his father was shot in the line of duty.  Dan joined the police force, hoping to find the killers that were responsible for his father's death, but he soon discovered that the evidence he needed was beyond his grasp as long as he operated within the law.  So, he created a new identity for himself, and as the Blue Beetle, he found his father's killers and brought them to justice.  As the legend of the Blue Beetle grew, he realized he had a powerful new way to fight crime.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Blue Beetle is an exceptional athlete and fighter.  He was a collegiate boxing champion, All-American football player and hockey star at State University.  He was also a reasonably skilled acrobat and climber.  He worked as a beat cop, but he wore a blue chain mail costume beneath his police uniform.  The chain mail was sufficient to protect him from most bullets and melee attacks.

Later, the Blue Beetle used Dr. Franz's Vitamin 2X, which gave him superhuman strength and recovery time.

The Blue Beetle also carried specialized equipment, including a light which projected "The Mark of the Beetle" which was used to frighten or distract opponents.  His suit had an electronic ear which could amplify his hearing.  He also carried an untraceable wireless phone, and a short range wrist communicator.  Later in his career, he drove a specialized car called the Beetlemobile.  As a police officer, the Blue Beetle was proficient in the use of firearms, though he rarely used them.


In later issues, Blue Beetle's strength began to increase to ridiculous levels. He gained the ability to make incredible leaps and run as fast as a car. Eventually, he even gained the ability to fly, and in one issue, to grow to a giant size.  At this point, it's clear that the writer's simply had Superman envy.


Mike Mannigan Mike Mannigan
A tough beat cop who was the partner of Mike Garret for more than 25 years, and is now partnered with his son, Dan.  He considers the Blue Beetle a criminal and wants to bring him to justice, even though the Beetle has saved his life more than once and assisted him in apprehending a number of criminals.  Mannigan once played for the Jersey Bushwacks, and he is a bit of a cynic, who doesn't like modern art.  He has a heavy Irish accent.
Joan Mason Joan Mason
Joan is a scrappy investigative reporter and photographer who has been following the exploits of the Blue Beetle.  She worked for The Bulletin, Daily Blade, New York Chronicle and Daily Planet at different points in her career.  She is friends with Mannigan and Garret, who provide many of her leads, but her tenacious investigations have also provided leads for the Blue Beetle.
First Appearance: Blue Beetle #4
Dr. Franz Dr. Abraham Franz
A scientist and inventor of Vitamin 2X which gives the Beetle his superhuman strength.  Franz owns a local drugstore, and in the back is Franz's laboratory, which also serves as Blue Beetle's headquarters.  Franz has also applied makeup to Garret to disguise him.  He is a staunch ally of the Beetle and has confronted criminals himself using a gun and with improvised Molotoff cocktails.
Sparky SPARKY (Sparkington J. Northrup)  
Blue Beetle’s sidekick.  Sparky was an American orphan raised in England by Lord Wellington of Suppleshire, England. He became the Blue Beetle's sidekick when he was sent back to America. He originally wore a costume but after a while of fighting Nazis in WWII he gave up his costume and fought in civilian clothes.
First Appearance: Blue Beetle #14
Commissioner Donnelly
The police commissioner that Dan and Mike report to.  He had a daughter named Mary who was about the same age as Dan.
Mike Garret
A beat cop who raised Dan alone after his mother died.  He was an Irish immigrant who struggled to make ends meet, but saved enough to send Dan to college.  He was gunned down in the line of duty by a gangster named Chick Alonzo.

Notes:  The trademark for the name Blue Beetle is maintained by DC Comics.  Do not create works derivative of Blue Beetle stories owned by DC Comics.  Dynamite Comics owns the rights to a version of this character known as "Big Blue."


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