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Blue Bolt

"The Human Lightning Streak"

Alias: Fred Parrish
Occupation:  General, Champion
Group Affiliation:  The Blue Army
Base of Operations: Deltos
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Blue Bolt Comics V.1 #1 (Novelty, 1940)
Known Creators: Joe Simon


Fred Parrish was a football star at Harvard University.  When he and several of his friends were struck by lightning in the mountains, during a storm, Fred got into his plane to go for help.  However, his plane was also struck down by lightning and fell into a deep abyss, that led to the kingdom of Deltos.  He was found by the servants of the brilliant Dr. Bertoff who not only saved Fred's life, but managed to preserve the lightning energy within his body and harness it to increase Fred's physical capabilities.  Bertoff believed he had created a new kind of super soldier which could protect Deltos against the forces of the Green Sorceress.  Fred agreed to stay and help the scientist, and became the primary general of the forces of Deltos.  He also developed a strange romantic relationship with his enemy, the Green Sorceress.  Eventually he left the subterranean kingdom to help his brother Kip fight in World War II.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Blue Bolt possessed superhuman strength and endurance, as well as unusually high resistance to injury.  He was able to leap at least 50 feet into the air, possibly more.

Blue Bolt carried "Lightning Guns" which were capable of firing an energy bolt with the same power as a lightning bolt.  The weapon could be devastating.  In some depictions, Blue Bolt was able to fire energy beams from his hands.  This may suggests that the guns only channeled his natural electrical charge.


Bertoff Dr. Bertoff
Bertoff was the brilliant and courageous master scientist of the city-state known as Deltos.  His intelligence bordered on superhuman, with expertise in chemistry, biology and physics.  He was the only man alive who knew how to process Radium.  Among his many scientific innovations were communications equipment, powerful energy weapons, the Cycotron atom smasher, a device which could transport a man into the fourth dimension, a shrinking formula, and the drug Vandrelen which could suppress aggressive tendencies. In addition to his scientific achievements, Bertoff was a courageous and stoic leader, who was known to man gun turrets to defend Deltos from attack.
First Appearance:
Blue Bolt Comics V.1 #1
Kip Parrish Kip Parrish
Kip was Fred's younger brother who was enlisted in the RAF.  He was a skilled HALO jumper and a marksman.  He was not the strongest fighter, but was willing to go toe to toe with men much bigger than himself.  He exemplified courage.
First Appearance: Blue Bolt Comics V.1 #12
Lois Blake Lois Blake
Lois accompanied Fred to Deltos where Bertoff gave her similar powers to Blue Bolt.  She frequently had to stow away to come with Blue Bolt on his adventures, and although this sometimes annoyed him, she usually proved useful. She vied for Blue Bolt's affection, as a rival to the Green Sorceress.
First Appearance:
Blue Bolt Comics V.2 #7
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