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Bronze Terror

The Real American

Alias: Jeff Dixon
Occupation:  Lawyer, Crime Fighter
Group Affiliation:  The New Furies
Base of Operations: American Southwest
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Daredevil Comics #2
(Lev Gleason, August, 1941)
Known Creators: Dick Briefer


Jeff Dixon attended a midwestern university where he broke records in swimming and track. He was also an All-American offensive lineman on the football team. In addition to his athletic achievements, Dixon received accolades for Outstanding Scholarship. He went on to law school and became a highly respected prosecuting attorney.  Dixon first became the Bronze Terror when his father was framed for murder in a town where anti-native bigotry was rampant.  Because the town's courts were corrupt, Dixon's talents as a lawyer were of no advantage, and he was forced to free his father and bring the real killer to justice by himself.  Dixon saw the advantage of taking on the Bronze Terror identity to fight injustice anonymously, and was further encouraged by the admiration that his childhood sweetheart, Lilly, expressed for the mysterious hero.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Bronze Terror is a phenomenal athlete, significantly faster and stronger than the average man.  He is also an excellent fighter, and skilled archer.  He sometimes shoots flaming arrows at his enemies to unnerve them, but he generally fights with his bare fists.  He often travels on horseback, and he is an excellent rider.

In his civilian identity, Dixon is a talented and highly demanded prosecutor, who has been called in to put away major federal criminals.  He has a strong knowledge of Native American history, lore, language, spirituality and culture.


Lilly was Jeff's childhood sweetheart, and she eventually became his fiancé.  She was a skilled archer, tracker and survivalist who lived on the reservation and often took long walks in the wilderness.  She was considered extraordinarily attractive by everyone who met her.
First Appearance:
Daredevil Comics #2
Chief White Falcon
White Falcon was Jeff's father, and the beloved chief of his people.  Although he was wise, and did his best to avoid conflict, he was not afraid to fight, and always carried a stone tomahawk with him.  His English was not very good.
First Appearance:
Daredevil Comics #2
Black Moon
The Bronze Terror knew the secret of summoning and riding the wild demon horse known as Black Moon.  He was an incarnation of the spirit of the fierce stallion once ridden in battle by the great warrior and hero, Silver Wolf, whose skull the Bronze Terror now wears.
First Appearance:
Daredevil Comics #2

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