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Captain Battle


Alias: Jonathon Battle
Occupation:  Scientist, Hero (former) Soldier
Group Affiliation:  Battle Family
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: 
Silver Streak Comics #10 (Lev Gleason, May, 1941)
Known Creators:  Jack Binder & Carl Formes


Captain Battle was the youngest member of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) during World War I. He lost his eye fighting hand to hand in the Battle of Chateau Thierry in July of 1918, and he was the only survivor of his unit. Battle now uses his considerable skills and innovative new weapons and technology to fight for freedom and justice and to prevent more Americans from being killed in war.

On one of his adventures, Battle found a young boy named Hale who could not remember where he came from. Battle adopted him and soon made him his partner. Late in World War II, Captain Battle was captured by the Nazis and held for several months in a concentration camp in Berlin where he was tortured and starved. The Nazis kept him alive, hoping to persuade him to share the secrets of the weapons technology he had invented. Battle resisted every torture, and eventually he was rescued by Hale, with the help of a group of underground revolutionaries. One of these revolutionaries was a tough young Russian girl named Olga, and rumor has it that she was the first woman to go by the name Octobriana.


Continuing the Story:   
Assuming that Jonathan was born around the turn of the century and that he did not invent a chemical that slowed his aging, he would likely have retired from heavy action sometime between 1950-1960.  Jonathan was a true survivor.  He likely would have lived long enough to lament the loss of all the young heroes he had fought beside over his lifetime, and his inability to continue his fight to protect the new generation.  Of course, being one to push his limits, the good captain would likely not have survived in one piece.  Hale Battle likely would have continued to fight the good fight using Jonathan's equipment, into the early 80's.  Any children of Hale might have continued the family legacy from there.


In a re-imagined story, Jonathan would be a veteran of some contemporary American war, possibly Operation: Desert Storm.  His incredible skills would also likely have earned him a spot on a secretive special forces team, organized by a corrupt political organization that wants to use his technology for questionable purposes.  Ultimately, the good Captain is destined to work outside the government, to complete missions that nobody else would dare to attempt.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Captain Battle is a brilliant engineer and scientist who has created a number of unique weapons and devices.  He has created the "Luciflyer" jetpack, which allows him to fly at speeds of at least 100 mph, and seems to have a range limited only by Battle's own endurance.  Battle's "Disolvo Gun" is a short range handgun weapon that can loosen molecular bonds, causing any kind of  matter to melt.  This weapon only has a range of about 10m and Battle generally won't use it on human opponents.  When faced with a human enemy, Battle prefers to use his fists.  He is a tough brawler, but also, an extremely competent martial artist.  Battle has also invented the "Curvoscope" which is a monitoring device that allows him to see almost anything on the surface of the planet.  In the modern age, he just taps into recon satellites.  Based on Battle's time in France, it is likely that he speaks fluent French and at least some German.  During the cold war, he probably would have learned Russian as well.


Hale first met Captain Battle as an enemy.  He had been transformed into a monstrous "Deaglo" by the Sorcerer known as The Black Dragon.  Jonathan Battle was able to synthesize a formula which reversed the transformation, but once he had returned to human form, Hale had no recollection of his former life, except his name Nathan Hale (he may be related to the hero Lance Hale).  Jonathan Battle agreed to take in the lost youth, and soon discovered that young Hale had a courageous heart, and a strong right cross.  After Jonathan Battle was captured by Nazis toward the end of the war, Hale joined the U.S. Air Corps at the age of 18 and quickly proved to be one of the greatest fighter pilots ever seen.  He began taking on special missions deep behind enemy lines and eventually rescued his adoptive father.
First Appearance:
Silver Streak Comics #12
Jane Lorrain
Jane is Captain Battle's beautiful secretary and lab assistant.  It is unknown if they have ever had romantic feelings for each other, but they are intensely loyal to each other.  Jane makes a point of keeping Jonathan grounded, and she is like a mother to Hale.
First Appearance:
Silver Streak Comics #10
Rose Cordray
Rose was a singer who joined the French underground resistance in Nazi occupied Paris.  The underground set up speakers in the sewer grates of the city, and broadcast Rose singing the French national anthem.  When their sewer headquarters was discovered, Captain Battle helped Rose escape to England.  Rose had become smitten with her American guardian, but Battle could not stay with her when other lives were still at stake.  Eventually, Rose snuck back into Paris, using the name Madelon.  She became the leader of the "Ghost Guerillas" and helped Hale Battle hunt down a Nazi mastermind.  In addition to being a beautiful singer, Rose is a feisty scrapper, with a good sense of humor.
First Appearance: Captain Battle Comics #1

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