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The Claw


Alias: Cla'Kin
Occupation:  Sorcerer, Tyrant
Group Affiliation:  Hades
Base of Operations: Ricca Island, Mid-Pacific
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Red with Green pupils
Hair: None
Species:  Demon
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #1 (Lev Gleason, December, 1939)
Known Creators:  Jack Cole


There are varying accounts of the origin of the creature known as The Claw.  The most reliable account seems to suggest that the claw was once a human sorcerer who made a pact with the demon Lucifer.  The Claw was given great power, so that he might conquer the planet in the name of his master.

For some undisclosed amount of time, The Claw laid in wait on the quiet Pacific island of Ricca.  There, he dominated the natives through their dreams, and they built for him a great castle and an arsenal of lethal war machines, all designed by the Claw himself.  Inside his castle, The Claw schemed and plotted and expanded his knowledge of the dark arts.  When the second World War began, The Claw finally saw an opportunity to make good on his plans to conquer the world.  He made an alliance with Adolf Hitler, who agreed to give The Claw half of the world.  This would suffice until The Claw had built his armies strong enough to conquer the whole thing.

At one point, The Claw was successful in conquering a small part of the United States, where he declared himself king, but he was ultimately thwarted by the hero Daredevil.  The Claw has been thwarted numerous times since by heroes such as Daredevil and The Ghost.


Continuing the Story:   
The Claw was a powerful demon sorcerer who returned from the dead more than once.  It is likely that he is immortal, and that his plans of world domination have been and will continue to be frustrated by Earth's heroes for centuries.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Claw's primary ability, is the ability to grow to enormous sizes, up to, at least, 300-400' in height. He can also stretch his limbs to inhuman lengths, without growing his entire body.  Maintaining a massive size seems to otherwise drain The Claw's powers, and so he often reverts to a more human size, though he usually maintains a height of at least seven feet, so that his stature is impressive.  The Claw's strength seems to be proportionate to his size, and he has demonstrated an ability to lift several hundred tons at full height. The Claw's resistance to injury is also proportional to his height. He has managed to survive low caliber handgun fire, and other significant wounds. However, he is not invulnerable, and his pain threshold is not particularly high. He will retreat when he feels overwhelmed by attacks. If the Claw is killed, his followers stand ready to resurrect him through a dark magic ritual involving fire. The Claw appears to be immune to fire, heat and electricity, all of which seem to rejuvenate his power. The Claw has been known to spit small flames from his mouth.

The Claw also appears to have a number of other mystical abilities including the ability to control a person's dreams, and he can use this ability to control sleepwalkers in their sleep. The Claw rewards his servants with pleasant dreams and punishes them with horrible nightmares. The Claw also has the ability to shout loud enough to be heard from more than 1000 miles away, although this ability may be more psychic in nature than physical.  Through ritual, The Claw can travel into an Infernal realm called "Hades" and to summon monsters and demons from it.

The Claw also maintains a small army of human followers, and an arsenal of high tech weapons on earth, including his own personal fighter plane and robot soldiers. He usually makes his residence in a fortified castle. The Claw has also learned the secret of hypnotizing an entire audience with subliminal messages in films.

Demons summoned by The Claw.



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