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The Clown


Alias: Don Arlecchino
Occupation:  Mob Boss, Anarchist (former) Circus Performer, Chemist
Group Affiliation:  The Death Battalion
Base of Operations: New York City
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
First Appearance: Super Mystery Comics #5 (Ace, December, 1940)
Known Creators:  Paul Chadwick


Little is known about the Clown's history except that he was trained as a circus performer, and that he later dedicated his vast knowledge of chemistry to creating weapons that would aid him in his goal of toppling the government of the United States.  He intended to kill millions of people, but was stopped by the Superhero Magno and his sidekick Davey.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Clown is a brilliant chemist and criminal mastermind.  He has created a formula that has given him enhanced strength, speed and agility, and his "degravitating solvent" allows him to leap up to 40 feet in the air, even while carrying a human body.   He has also devised a belt which allows him to control a human mind, and he has invented a fluid that blocks magnetic bonding.  In battle, he has been known to use a variety of deadly melee weapons and he often carries a concealed rapier sword.   He has also been known to use high explosives, powder which causes people to laugh to death, and a wand that can release a cloud of knock-out gas, or a smoke screen.  Even without weapons, The Clown is a dangerous fighter who is agile, cunning and ruthless. He has repeatedly proven to be more than a match for a single superhero.  While he is fond of setting traps and killing his enemies in elaborate and painful ways, he will occasionally kill people on the spot in a homicidal rage.  


Annie was a crazy old hag who usually worked as the Clown's messenger.  She never actually did anything illegal, so she could deliver the Clown's messages with impunity.  She worked for the Clown, mostly because she thought his handiwork was hilarious and it gave her something to cackle about.
First Appearance:
Super-Mystery Comics v. 2  #1

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