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The Cobra


Alias: Leo Morez
Occupation:  Assassin, Mercenary
Group Affiliation:  The Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Species: Altered Human
First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics #10 (Ace, October, 1941)
Creators: Paul Chadwick 

Leo was a troubled youth, who was moved from one foster home to the next as a child.  Poor and powerless, Leo became fascinated with the great kings of legends and myths, who came from humble beginnings.  He hoped to have great power of his own one day, and believed that there were arcane secrets that could help him gain it.  During college, while working on occult research, he joined an archaeological expedition that was headed for Pakistan.  There, he discovered a temple hidden deep within a cave, and within the temple, he heard the dark whispers of a cobra naga.  Leo agreed to follow the naga's orders in exchange for great power.  One by one he brought the members of his expedition to the temple and sacrificed them to the naga, using a cobra's venom.  As instructed by the naga, he drank their poisoned blood, and soon the corrupted plasma transformed him into a violent and inhuman creature, possessed by the spirit of the naga itself.  For years the Cobra lived alone in the temple, jealously guarding it from anyone who came near.  The local villagers called him Abdul Samm and they lived in constant fear of him.  

Eventually, the Cobra's reputation spread, and he was sought out and captured by the secret service of a hostile government.  The Cobra was easily convinced that he could use his power to kill to gain even more power.  He was trained as an assassin, and briefly worked toward the destruction of his former homeland, The United States.  However, the Cobra soon came to realize that there was little reason for him to work for anyone but himself.  He took over gangs by force, and began working toward building his own criminal empire, obtaining more power, and exacting revenge on those who mistreated him as a child.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Cobra secretes a very deadly neuro toxin which can be administered from his claws or fangs.  He usually digs his claws into the veins in a victim's wrist to kill them almost instantly.  However even a casual scratch of his claws will eventually kill a person.  The poison leaves his victims with a greenish hue to their skin.  The Cobra himself is immune to poison and heals quickly from injuries.  

In addition to these abilities, the Cobra is unusually strong and an expert in Jiu-Jitsu fighting.  He was not above using conventional firearms, and he was a skilled fighter pilot.

The Cobra is constantly searching for arcane artifacts which will enable him to increase his power.  At one point, he obtained an amulet that gave him powerful telekinetic abilities.  However, the amulet was broken after he attempted to levitate himself with it.  


The Copperheads were mercenaries employed by the Cobra to bring about a reign of terror in the United States and to guard his island temple.  They wore copper chainmail armor and helmets, and used handguns, rifles, machine guns and copper batons.
First Appearance:
Super-Mystery Comics #11

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