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The Comet

"The Most Astounding Man
on the Face of the Earth"

Alias: John Dickering
Occupation:  Vigilante, Scientist
Group Affiliation:  The New Furies
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Pep Comics #1 (MLJ, January, 1940)
Known Creators: Jack Cole


While working on ways to enhance human potential, John Dickering discovered a new gaseous compound which gave him great strength and leaping ability when injected into his blood.  However, after several injections, he discovered that there was a significant side effect to the compound.  It caused his body to swell with energy.  The energy allowed him to fly, but a more intense beam of the energy would be directed at anything he focused his eyes on.  The beam nearly disintegrated everything in his lab, except his glass test tubes.  He soon discovered that glass could block his disintegrating stare, and he built a glass visor for himself to prevent any further destruction.  He then decided to put his strange new abilities to good use, as the costumed hero known as "The Comet."  

For a brief time, The Comet was admired as a hero.  Then, he was captured by a crime boss known as Satan.  The Comet was then introduced to a powerful telepath named Dr. Zadar, who put the Comet under his control.  In thrall, the Comet went on a crime spree which lasted several weeks, and during that time, he killed at least two police officers and ten civilians.  When Zadar realized that Satan intended to swindle him, he used the Comet to kill Satan, but in the confusion, the telepath was also disintegrated.  Free from mental enslavement, the Comet found himself a fugitive from the law, with no evidence to back his unlikely story.  Because of his extremely dangerous abilities, police officers were instructed to shoot the Comet on site.  The Comet was forced to go into hiding, but he was still determined to be a hero, and continued to wear his costume to fight crime, even though he was forced to flee whenever the police arrived.  Slowly, he began to win back the trust and even the admiration of the general public, if not the authorities who hunted him.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Dickering was a brilliant chemist, physicist and biologist.  The gas compound which he invented and which he injected into his blood, infused his body with energy which enhances his strength, allows him to leap great distances and even to fly at supersonic speeds. 

However, the energy also causes him to emit powerful beams of red energy from his eyes, and when those beams collide at the focal point of his vision, they become supercharged.  The supercharged energy is hot enough to quickly melt or even vaporize most common objects.  However, the beams effects are entirely blocked by glass and silicates.  The Comet can only control the beam by closing his eyes, or by wearing a glass visor.  At first, Dixon used his abilities without reserve.  If he felt that someone's activities threatened the lives of innocent people, he had no compunction about disintegrating their heads, or dropping them from 1000 feet.  However, after he became wanted for murder, he tried to reign in his fearsome reputation by not killing more often than he had to, and he could easily stop most criminals by vaporizing their weapons or melting their limbs.  While he was not bulletproof, he could vaporize bullets in mid-air.


Thelma Gordon
A New York reporter who worked for The Daily Blast newspaper.  She believed that the Comet was innocent of the crimes he was accused of and she agreed to help him clear his name.  She made a pretty good name for herself by reporting on the Comet's exploits.  Eventually, Thelma fell in love with John and wanted to marry him, but John felt he would never be able to settle down and give up his dangerous life as the Comet, so long as he had the power to help others and atone for his sins.
First Appearance:
Pep Comics #5
Robert Dickering
John's younger and stronger brother, who was working on his master's degree while John was busy fighting crime as The Comet.  When John realized he could not spend the time and attention on Thelma that she deserved, he encouraged Robert to take her out.  John eventually sacrificed his life to save Robert, and with his dying breath, he asked Robert and Thelma to stick together.  Robert vowed to avenge his brother and to continue his crusade against crime, as the masked hero known as "The Hangman."
First Appearance: Pep Comics #17
"Pops" Cricket
Mr. Cricket was an old hermit miner who lived in a log cabin high in the mountains of Nevada.  He found The Comet after he passed out from blood loss, after being shot by police in Los Angeles.  Pops nursed him back to health and offered him refuge for a time in his remote cabin.  He believed the young man's incredible story and in return for his kindness, the Comet helped to put an end to the dangerous and illegal work practices at a local mine.
First Appearance:
Pep Comics #4
Mrs. O'Hara
The widow of one of the police officers that The Comet killed.  She choose to forgive him after he helped to save her from a racketeering scheme that was ruining her.  She was an Irish immigrant.
First Appearance: Pep Comics #6
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