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Cosmic Custodian


Alias: David O'Brien
Occupation:  Galactic Law Enforcer
Group Affiliation:  The Peacemakers (Reserve)
Base of Operations: Kansas
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Azure
Hair: None
First Appearance:  Cosmic Custodian: The Omega Point
Known Creators:  Michael P (aka Yzz)


It was a still summer night in 1914, a few months before the Great War when an Irish immigrant named Jeremy O'Brien saw a light in the sky. Though his life had been full of struggle, he did not pray at night for himself, but for the safety of all the good people of the world. Believing the light might be a sign, he dashed into the fields on the farm where he worked, hoping to find where, what he precieved to be a star or a comet, might have landed. Suddenly, he came upon a great sphere of blue light hanging before him. A voice came forth from the miniature star, and told him that he had been chosen as a test subject for the "Cosmic Custodian project." The voice told him that his participation in this project would likely bring him to his death, but that it would also help to protect countless millions on his own planet and planets far beyond the sight of his eye. Jeremy agreed. The sphere separated into two pieces, wrapped around his wrists, and solidified into bands of blue metal. Cosmic Custodian and the other titans helped to end the war in 1917 and to indirectly prevent the rise of the Nazi party. He along with the other titans helped fight in the Second Great War, but did not survive. The band he wore were passed down to his son, and to his descendants through many generations. The radiation was absorbed by the family over the years, and young David was born while his mother still wore the bands, which infused him with the enrgy of the bands before he was even born. David has taken up the proud mantle of his family as the newest Cosmic Custodian!

Equipment and Abilities:  
David's power is dervied from the mysterious "power bands" that have been worn by his family for generations. Though he wears the bands, it is quite possible he no longer needs them as anything more than a focus, as he seems to be capable of storing the power of the bands within his own cells. The bands were created by the Keepers of The Cosmos as part of their Cosmic Custodian project. The power bands give the wielder the power of flight, the ability to project blasts of energy, and to form a force field around their body which enables the Custodian to survive in space and provides a limited degree of protection from physical. Additionally, David has demonstrated surprising new abilities, including the ability to create energy constructs, though this ability is limited to simple geometric shapes.


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