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Cyber Knight


Alias: Mario Sanchez
Occupation:  Mercenary, Assassin, (former) Federal Agent
Group Affiliation:  None, (former) FBI
Base of Operations: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance:  The Outworlder Webcomic
Known Creators:  Michael Dean


A former FBI agent, Sanchez was with his partner Rod Steiner (aka Jackpott) during a botched mob bust.  Sanchez's arms and legs were severely damaged during the incident, and he opted to have his limbs replaced entirely with cybernetics.  The U.S. government had hoped to make him a super agent, but Sanchez, disillusioned with the government, went AWOL and offered his services up to the highest bidder.  After everything he has been through, Sanchez has become a bitter and sadistic man.  He has even joked about having plans of world conquest.  Perhaps he feels he could run things a little better.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Even before joining the FBI, Sanchez was a formidable fighter, highly trained in the martial arts, especially the way of the sword.  He always carries a pair of katanas.  Sanchez considers himself a warrior and prefers personal combat, but he is skilled with a gun as well.  His cybernetic limbs make him even more dangerous, enhancing his strength and speed beyond normal human levels.


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