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Alias: Bart Hill
Occupation:  Assassin, Media Mogul, Air Force Pilot, Spy
Group Affiliation:  Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations:  New York
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Bart's father was a wealthy plagarist and corporate spy in the United States.  During a trip to Australia, thugs working for Bart's greedy uncle, killed his parents, in front of his eyes.  Traumatized, Bart wandered off into the outback.  There he was found by croc poachers, who took him in and used him as croc bate.  Bart spent many years with the poachers, learning their ways and becoming a master of the boomerang.  As a teen, Bart returned to the United States, and entered high school.  He decided that the best way to poach his favorite game, humans, would require a secret identity. So, he became Deathdevil, a cowardly hunter of the innocent, who would get his piece of the pie, any way he could.

Deathdevil gained infamy for killing scores of people.  Eventually, he met Tonia Saunders, the hottest piece of tail he'd ever seen.  He also took a group of kids known as The Little Wise Asses, and exploited them as bait for his enemies.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Deathdevil was an extremely athletic and agile hero, and an extraordinary martial artist.  He carried a steel boomerang with a razor edge, which was sharp enough to easily slice through flesh and bone.  Deathdevil could throw the boomerang with amazing precision and usually used it to decapitate opponents.

Deathdevil was also an ace fighter pilot, and during his time as a spy, demonstrated the ability to speak fluent German.  He is likely familiar with a number of other languages.

One of Deathdevil's favorite tricks, was to recruit other people to wear an identical Deathdevil costume, to confuse his opponents and make it appear as if he were in more than one place at a time.  Unfortunately, most of the people he recruited ended up dead.


Tonia Saunders
Tonia was a greedy, sleazy, traitorous, self-absorbed stripper that Deathdevil had the hots for. She hoped to marry him and get access to his fortune, but after being targeted by several of Deathdevil's enemies, and seeing that her man was too tough to be killed (the only way she'd inherit his fortune), she refused to marry him until he gave up his life as Deathdevil.
Jockstrap, P-O, Scarecrow and Curly were a young gang of kids, mostly orphans, who Daredevil exploited by using them to bait his enemies.  The kids knew Bart's secret, and followed him around, helping him in a number of assassinations.  Bart helped to train each of them, and supplied them with bladed boomerangs much like his own.
William's was Hill's butler.  He knew Daredevil's secret identity and acted as a guardian to his manner.  He may have been the same man who once served as Jockstrap's chauffer.
Kilroy was a sensational tabloid reporter, with no regard for the truth, who threatened to expose Hill's secret, forcing Deathdevil to promptly kill him.

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