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Disc Men

The Disc Men were a group of cyborgs who lived on a somewhat flat, crystalline asteroid which they referred to as a "Disc World." The asteroid was located with a cloud of gas that created powerful electrical storms. Using tractor beams, the Disc Men would draw in passing ships and maroon them upon the asteroid. They would then collect the inhabitants of the ship and convert them into fellow Disc Men by removing their heads and attaching them to bodies made from the parts of previously marooned ships.

The Disc Men's tractor beams were located on ball shaped ships. The ships, like their bodies, were made of bronze colored metal. The Disc Men had the power to remotely deplete the power cells of spacecrafts, weapons and other electronic devices. While they generally didn't carry weapons of their own, their cyborg bodies were usually strong enough to manhandle a human with relative ease.

The first Disc Man was Professor Kender, who sought to create a new order of eternal life. He considered the growing ranks of the Disc Men to be the beginnings of an empire and he hoped to eventually share the "gift" of immortality with all of humanity. He allowed one converted female to reign as his queen.

Representative Names:  Professor Kender, Gordon Blackthorne

First Appearance: Planet Comics #28




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