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Alias: Droon
Occupation:  Scientist
Group Affiliation:  Monster Society
Base of Operations: Kingdom of Noom, Neptune
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: None
Species: Extra-Terrestrial
First Appearance: Target Comics Vol. 2 #1 (Novelty/Star, 1941)
Known Creators:  Basil Wolverton


Droon was a hideous old scientist who lived in the kingdom of Noom on the planet Neptune. In his lab, he had plotted to build weapons that would enable him to conquer the primitive planet called Earth. He was greatly excited when he discovered that Neptune's Ojah Valley was rich in mineral resources which would help him to accomplish his goals. Droon went to Queen Haba and promised to bring her the interplanetary hero, Spacehawk, with whom she was infatuated. In return, Droon asked that the queen give him the deed to the Ojah Valley. When Droon succeded in drawing Spacehawk to Neptune, he attempted to control his mind and force Spacehawk to love the Queen. However, Spacehawk resisted and foiled Droon's plans.


Equipment and Abilities:
Droon is an alien scientist with an advanced understanding of various technologies, which has allowed him to create fantastic new weapons. With his advanced alien mind, he also has the ability to telepathically control others within his vivinity, or from a distance with a psychic amplifier. While he prefers to use others to do his dirty work, Droon carries a powerful plasma gun to defend himself and destroy his enemies when necessary.


Jod is Droon's dim-witted assistant and lab rat. Jod is a creature of immense strength, bordering on superhuman. After being tortured by Droon, he became enraged and attacked his master at the first opportunity. The two of them plunged over a cliff onto jagged rocks, and were presumed dead.
First Appearance: Target Comics Vol. 2 #1

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