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Alias: Unknown
Occupation:  Crime Boss, Assassin
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: None
First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #17 (Fox, April, 1941)
Known Creators: Dennis Neville


The Fang was the codename of a ruthless and elusive crime boss. Few knew what the fang actually looked like, and in order to keep it that way, he sough the Burma Emerald, which was said to bear an inscription with the secret to invisibility. The Fang succeded in stealing the Burm Emerald from its protectors, Princess Kava and the Black Fury. The Fang clashed with the Black Fury a number of times, but with the power of invisibility, he usually managed to sneak away.

The Fang was also responsible for the death of Police Officer Marley, the father of Black Fury's partner, Chuck Marley.


Equipment and Abilities:
The Fang possesses the ability to turn invisible, which is often accompanied by clouds of smoke. He usually carries a hadgun and a dagger with a poison coated blade. However, he will often use any object at hand as a weapon. He is a skilled and brutal fighter.


Snakey Larone
Snakey Larone was The Fang's top lieutenant and often the face of his organization, when the Fang wished to intimidate someone. Snakey was an ill tempered killer who actually managed to shoot Kid Fury (Chuck Marley) in the shoulder with a rifle. He always carried a handgun, and often carried a tommy-gun.
First Appearance:
Fantastic Comics #17

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