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Alias: Franz Gerhst
Occupation:  Mercenary, Assassin
Group Affiliation:  The Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Wham Comics #2 (Centaur, December, 1940)
Known Creators:  Lew Glanzman


Frost was a spy and saboteur with a thick foreign accent (likely German) who was described as being around 38 years old. He could turn himself into a human cold generator by taking a pill. He had no problem killing those who stood in his way.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Frost is able to drain the heat from his immediate vicinity, causing moisture in the air to freeze and frost over everything around him. He generates cold extreme enough to cause men to instantly freeze to death and machines to become brittle and crack. He is protected from physical harm by a thin layer of ice which surrounds him. Frost himself is immune to cold.

  Frost is an experienced assassin and he usually carries a handgun to kill from a distance. He is an aggressive fighter. 


Tanya Gerhst
Frost's elegant, hot-blooded wife. She is a spy who frequently joins him on missions. Irritated that her husband has given her the cold shoulder since he gained his powers, Tanya frequently flirts with her husband's enemies, igniting the flames of jealousy within him. This usually prompts him to murder, allowing them to get their jobs done more efficiently and giving Tanya rare proof that there is more than ice flowing through her husband's veins.
First Appearance:
Wham Comics #2

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