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Alias:  Sheila Sorrel
Occupation:  Stage Performer
Group Affiliation:  Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 5'8

Weight: 160 lbs. (as Shiela) 120 lbs.
Eyes: White; (as Shiela) Brown
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Police Comics #51 (Quality, February, 1946)
Known Creators: Jack Cole


Sheila was a singer at a club in the city frequented by mobsters.  Although she was a horrible singer, her beauty drew crowds of men and usually made it easy for her to get what she wanted.  There was one thing her looks could not get her, and it became her obsession.  She wanted to sing in the opera.  She was willing to do nearly anything to make that dream come true, but it eluded her.

After scorning the affection of Professor Carlon , the good doctor decided that she had a heart of stone, and to teach her a lesson, he would use his new petrifying formula to turn the rest of her to stone.  The formula worked, but it did not kill her.  Instead, she became living stone.  Her physiological changes made her much more aggressive, and she went on a killing spree before Plastic Man was able to force feed her an antidote to the professor's formula.  However, now that she has tasted the power of being Granite, it is likely her new obsession will be getting that power back.

Equipment and Abilities:  
Granite's body was super dense and virtually indestructible (at least bullet proof). It also possessed the weight and rigidity of granite, making her punches extremely destructive and lethal. She may have also possessed some degree of super human strength.

In her civilian identity, Sheila was a singer so beautiful that most men fell in love with her instantly, despite the fact that she had an absurdly horrible singing voice.  These men were usually willing to do anything for her, and some were willing to kill themselves if they could not be with her.


Professor Carlon
Professor Carlon was a brilliant chemist known around the world for his miraculous contributions to medicine.  When Sheila rejected him, he decided that if he could not have her, no man could.  He created a serum which could turn living things to stone, and injected it into Sheila, hoping to turn her into a statue, so she would remain with him forever.
First Appearance:
Police Comics #51

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