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Green Sorceress


Alias: Queen Norzim
Occupation:  Empress, Sorceress
Group Affiliation:  The Green Army
Base of Operations: Voltor
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
First Appearance:
Blue Bolt Comics vol. 1, no. 1 (Novelty, June, 1940)
Known Creators:  Joe Simon


The Green Sorceress is the powerful ruler who conquered the deep subterranean nation of Voltor with her Green Army.  She believes that the gods have decreed it her destiny to conquer the entire universe.  Although she was eager to take on the surface world of earth, she was unable to breach the earth's crust, and the only way up was through the fortified kingdom of Deltos.  She fought long and hard to conquer Deltos, and might have quickly succeeded, if not for the hero Blue Bolt.  Despite herself, the Green Sorceress found that she could not bring herself to kill Blue Bolt, as she strongly desired him for her mate.  She believed he was one of the few men who were genetically worthy of her.  Eventually, after being save by Blue Bolt on a number of occassions, she even admitted a genuine love for him. For a brief time, Dr. Bertoff managed to cure the Green Sorceress of her aggressive tendencies, by using a drug called Vandrelen to inhibit her ability to channel the dark powers of the universe.  However, the formula wore off after she survived an explosion.  Eventually, the Green Sorceress captured Blue Bolt and Bertoff, smashed her way into Deltos, and began planning for her conquest of the earth's surface.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Green Sorceress is a witch with a number of supernatural abilities (she claims that her powers are limitless, though this is clearly an exaggeration).  Her most well known ability is the ability to teleport herself and others near her.  Her appearance and disappearance is always accompanied by an "aura" of intensely luminous green vapor.  She is also known to be capable of summoning creatures from other realms.  She sometimes refers to humans as "mortals" which suggest that she may have a significantly longer lifespan than a normal human, and may be much older than she looks.  She also possesses a crystal ball which she uses to spy on her enemies, although this crystal ball may be spy technology rather than a supernatural artifact.

The Green Sorceress is a fearless warrior and military leader.  She usually carries a saber on her hip, and she sometimes carries a blaster pistol.  She is well versed in combat and has demonstrated the ability to take on at least a dozen of her own men.  She sometimes assassinates her enemies by teleporting into their chambers and poisoning them.

The sorceress seems to be a brilliant inventor, who takes credit for creating many of the high tech doomsday weapons that her army uses.  She possesses an ancient book which enabled her to build a gateway into the fourth dimension, though she swore never to return there after nearly being eaten by one of the fourth dimension's inhabitants.   The Green Sorceress is also a master of beasts, and sometimes keeps a wildcat in her chambers as a pet.



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