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Iron Jaw


Alias: Jagar von Schmidt
Occupation:  Soldier, Assassin
Group Affiliation:  Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Boy Comics #3 (Lev Gleason, 1942)
Known Creators:  Charles Biro


Iron Jaw was a soldier who fought for Germany on the Belgian front during World War I. In the trenches, he met a young Adolf Hitler, and the two conspired to kill a superior officer. The plot worked, but the officer managed to lob a grenade in their direction, before he died. Hitler ran, but Von Schmidt was caught in the explosion. His jaw, damaged beyond repair, was replaced with a mechanical "Iron Jaw."


When Hitler came to power, Iron Jaw blackmailed Hitler into giving him and his son the freedom to do anything they wanted without fear of persecution. Eventually, Hitler came to realize how useful Iron Jaw's bloodthirsty nature could be, and he made the brute a high ranking agent. Iron Jaw quickly proved his deadly effectiveness as an assassin.


For reasons that are not altogether clear, Iron Jaw became Hitler's top agent, working to advance Nazi interests in United States. Iron Jaw became known for brutal methods, ruthlessly killing anyone who gets in the way.


In 1942, Iron Jaw was ordered to stop Mr Chandler, an American reporter, from reporting on Nazi atrocities in France. At first, he tried to blackmail the journalist by threatening to kill his wife and son. When that didn't work, he killed Chandler, his wife, and riddled his son with bullets. However, Chandler's son, Chuck, managed to survive, and swore vengeance. He became the hero known as "Crimebuster," and he battled Iron Jaw many times, often resulting in Iron Jaw's apparent death.


While lying low, Iron Jaw's son attempted to avenge his father by killing Crimebuster. However, when Crimebuster convinced his son to switch sides, Iron Jaw killed his son in a fit of rage.


After numerous failures, Hitler decided to send an assassin to kill Iron Jaw. He managed to survive, but went into hiding. After World War II ended, Von Schmidt offered his services to communist nations. He ended up in jail, but was busted loose by the Deadly Dozen, who wanted his help. Iron Jaw attempted to upsurp leadership of the team, but remained with them for some time.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Iron Jaw's lower face has been replaced with a bionic jaw made of iron. This cybernetic jaw is powerful enough to bite through nearly anything with ease, including human limbs, and Iron Jaw has dismembered a number of his opponents with it.


Iron Jaw himself is extremely tough and does not appear to feel pain at all. It is possible he possesses a superhuman healing capacity. His physical strength borders on superhuman. It has taken nearly a dozen police officers to control him and he has demonstrated the ability to rip the bars off of a prison cell.


Iron jaw himself is a skilled and ruthless fighter who will kill anyone who gets in his way, and he frequently goes for the jugular with his jaws. However, he is not the mindless brute some might assume. He has displayed considerable cleverness in infiltrating enemy buildings, escaping capture and surviving harrowing situations. He was even trusted with high ranking military authority during the war. His tactics were brutal, but effective.


Sven "Schmitty" von Schmidt
"Schmitty" was Iron Jaw's son. When it seemed that his father had been killed by the hero known as Crimebuster, Sven eagerly took the offer to be sent on a mission to avenge his father. He challenged Crimebuster to a fight to the death, but Crimebuster prevailed and attempted to demonstrate that "Schmitty" had been lied to by his superiors. Soon, he became friends with Crimebuster and decided to do what he could to help the US war effort. He accepted a position guarding a bridge, but in the dead of night, he was killed by an enemy agent, who turned out to be his own father.
First Appearance: Boy Comics #6

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