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Lady Serpent


Alias: Eva Kadru
Occupation:  Jewel Thief
Group Affiliation:  Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
First Appearance: Black Terror #23 (Nedor, 1948)
Known Creators:
Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin


Lady Serpent was a criminal who was obsessed with stealing gems.  After being captured by the Black Terror, she escaped prison and captured Black Terror at the threat of Kid Terror's life.  However, Lady Serpent found the Terror attractive and kept him alive to become her mate and partner in crime. Unfortunately for her, Black Terror was able to resist her hypnotic powers and he turned the tide, capturing Lady Serpent once more.  After that, Lady Serpent escaped once more and attempted to hijack a relief ship bound for Europe, so she could set up a headquarters in the Caribbean.  However, she was once again being foiled by the Terror.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Lady Serpent was able to hypnotize anyone who looked her in the eye and her power over her victims was strong enough to force them to commit murder (although some strong willed individuals, such as the Black Terror, were able to resist her commands).  She was also known for her command over serpents, which served as deadly minions. She had two pet vipers named Mogu and Naru.

In addition to these abilities, Lady Serpent was a criminal mastermind who often employed a gang of thugs, including her getaway driver Mike and an innocent looking old lady named Hulga.  Lady Serpent was also a cold blooded murderer and would not hesitate to kill anyone who crossed her.  She would shoot her own men in the back before letting them be captured.  She carried a variety of weapons including tommy guns, handguns and daggers coated in snake venom.  She was a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant.



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