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Lash Lightning

"The Thunder of Justice"

Alias: Robert Morgan
Occupation:  Hero
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blond
Hair: Green
First Appearance: Sure Fire
Comics Vol. 1 #1 (Ace, June, 1940)
Known Creators: Jim Mooney & Bob Turner


Robert Morgan's parents were killed during an archeological expedition in Egypt. A mysterious and ancient mystic known as "The Old Man of the Pyramids" came to him, knowing that the boy was destined to save the world. For an ancient evil was rising to strangle the world, manipulating the weak into doing its bidding, and leading the world towards its doom. The Old Man of the Pyramids raised young Robert Morgan, teaching him all the ancient and modern sciences, and preparing him to fight the forces that threaten the world.

When it was time for Robert to go out into the world to become its champion, the Old Man of the Pyramids gave Robert an artifact known as the "Amulet of Annihilation," a powerful weapon once used for evil, which could only be safely used by one who was pure of heart. With the amulet, Robert gained tremendous new powers, and the Old Man of the Pyramid dubbed him "Lightning."


Equipment and Abilities:  
Lightning wields the Amulet of Annihilation which provides him with a variety of powers. Lightning can cast lightning bolts of tremendous power. He can fly at the same speed as a lightning bolt. He also has tremendous strength, sufficient to rip the door off a safe, rip pillars out of the ground and tie gun barrels into knots. He has superhuman resistance to injury. He is impervious to low caliber gun fire, and can survive falls and heat that would kill most other humans. He can also absorb electrical energy to recharge his own abilities.  However, he can be harmed by intense heat or knocked out by a sufficient blow. Lightning also appears to have unusual speed and agility, allowing him to easily dodge or deflect most attacks. This may simply be the result of his own athletic prowess. Lightning appears to have ability to share his power with others, but it is a process that could potentially kill them.

In addition to his physical powers, the Old Man of the Pyramids has trained Lightning in science and in the ancient secrets of the past. He is knowledgeable and a skilled detective.


Isobel was a member of Navy Intelligence and she came from a long line of Navy Officers, including her father, Captain John Blake, and he uncle, Col. Adam Blake. When she and her family were framed for conspiracy against the United States, she helped Lightning to track down those responsible and clear her family's name. During the mission, Lightning was nearly killed, and too weak to continue, he gave some of his power to Isobel, tuning her into "Lightning Girl." Unfortunately, Isobel's father and uncle were killed by the fifth columnist known as "The Teacher." Lightning Girl has most of Lightning's powers including superhuman strength, flight and the ability to cast powerful lightning bolts. Lighning and Isobel can also track each other with their "lightning impulses." In addition to these abilities, Isobel was also skilled in the use of firearms, including heavy machine guns. She is completely fearless and will charge into battle with little regard for her own life.
First Appearance:
Lightning Comics Vol. 3 #1 (1942)
Old Man of the Pyramids
The Old Man of the Pyramids resides in an ancient temple in Egypt. His history is mysterious, but certainly long. What is known is that he is determined to save the world and he has been battling the forces of evil for most of his life. Although he is too old and frail to travel much, he has been known to visit Lightning in the United States, and frequently appear to him in visions, in which he is seen walking amongst thunder clouds with lightning all around him.
First Appearance: Sure Fire
Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)
John and Mary Parker
John Parker was the leader of an anthropological expedition studying the Chicastenago tribe in Central America when he was captured by the Tzutuhiles (Jewel Men) working for the villain known as the Phoenix. He was then enslaved, working in a mine at the base of a volcano, but he managed to get a note back to his daughter Mary in New York. With Mary's help, Lightning was able to locate John, rescue him and defeat the Phoenix. This was lightning's first adventure. John and Mary had a maid named Cynthia in their apartment in New York.
First Appearance:
Sure Fire
Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)


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