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Magician From Mars


Alias: Jane Gem (Jane 6EM35/Q-X3)
Occupation:  Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  Martian Royal Family
Base of Operations: Mobile, (originally) Mars
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #7 (Centaur, 1940)
Known Creators:  John Giunta & Malcolm Kildale


The Magician was born to a Martian father, Jarl 6EM35, and an Earthling mother, Jane Faro. Shortly after her birth, a nurse accidentally exposed her to the rays of a cathode machine. Although deadly to humans, her Martian heritage allowed her to survive. The exposure apparently mutated her cells and caused her body and brain to develop in a unique way. As a child, she demonstrated great strength of body and an unusual level of intelligence. She also learned that she could control matter, levetating objects and materializing almost anything she could imagine.

Because of her extraordianry abilities, Jane was shunned by other children who considered her a freak. She was forced to hide her abilities. At the age of 16, her parents died and she was put into the custody of her Aunt Vanza. Vanza tried to keep Jane hidden away from the world, and forbidding her to travel to Earth. As Jane became rebellious against her, Vanza went so far as to lock her in a "supersteel" vault. Jane managed to escape with relative ease and took a passanger ship to Earth. Stealing gold from the ship, she gave half of it to a doctor on Earth who was researching new cures. The rest she kept for herself, in order to fund her operations as a hero on Earth.

When war broke out on Mars, Jane returned to her home, and became a one-woman wrecking machine. She fough alongside Prince Taal, against the armies of the terrorist leader known as "The Hood." It turned out that "The Hood" was actually Jane's aunt, Vanza, who had similar powers to Jane. Prince Taal fell in love with Jane and sacrificed his life to save her from Vanza. Taal died in Jane's arms and the magician swore vengeance against her cruel aunt.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Jane is able to use the full capacity of her brain. She is able to learn things more quickly than most, and to retain every detail of her experiences. She is also able to control matter within her site at a subatomic level, and she appears to have some control over gravity. She most often uses these abilities to levetate objects, repair broken objects, and transmute and arrange molecules into new objects. It appears that the closer the matter is to her, the easier it is for her to control, and she often focuses her abilities through herself, to enhance her own physical abilities to superhuman levels (particularly, her strength level). She has also been known to levitate herself, enabling her to leap several hundred feet in the air. Jane often uses her abilities to create vehicles, weapons and even robots. When confronted by an attacker, she generally transmutes their weapon into something harmless.

Jane's abilities do have some limitations. For one thing, her abilities take a physical toll on her. If she were to manipulate the matter of a large vehicle, it would cause her to sweat. If she manipulated the matter of a large building, it would cause her to experience a headache and exhaustion. If she were to maniplte the matter of several city blocks, it would cause her nose to bleed. Manipulating the matter throughout an entire city might result in a coma or death.

Jane can not safely manipulate organic matter, because she does not know how to arrange organic molecules. Any attempt to do so would result in painful and gruesome mistakes. Altough she is not a pacifist, she does not believe in killing. After accidentally snapping an earth man's neck, she vowed to never again use her abilities directly on another living creature.


King Marsu
Marsu is the aging king of Mars, who has, for decades, kept the warlike inhabitants of his planet from killing each other with wise leadership.
First Appearance:
Amazing Man Comics #11
Prince Taal
Taal is the son of Marsu who wished to prove himself worthy of the throne by being directly involved in improving the lives of his people. He fell madly in love with Jane, and ultimately sacrificed himself to save her by throwing himself in the path of an energy blast from the rebel leader, Vanza. Upon his death, Jane swore vengance.
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #11

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