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Alias: Tom Dalton
Occupation:  Electrician, Crime Fighter
Group Affiliation: 
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics #1 (Ace, July, 1940)
Known Creators: Paul Chadwick (and Paul Gustavson)


Tom was an electrician working on high voltage power lines in a laboratory when he was accidentally exposed to 10,000 DC volts of electricity. While he was unconcious, a colleague attempted to revive him 10,000 AC volts. This worked and Tom soon discovered that he had mastery over magnetic forces. He decided to use his new abilities to make the world a better place as the hero known as Magno.


Equipment and Abilities: 
Magno is able to generate, amplify and control magnetic forces around him. He usually uses this ability to attract or repel obects from his body. He is able to fly by attracting himself to objects above him. He is able to deflect bullets by repelling them. He has also demonstrated the ability to curve magnetic forces, allowing him to twist the barrel of cannons and destroy machinery. It is possible that he may have much greater control over magnetic forces then he has revealed.


Magno is also able to share his power for a limited amount of time with certain individuals, such as Davey. He seems to possess a limited ability to telepathically communicate with people as well.


Magno is a skilled fighter and a reasonably good detective.


After seeing Davey's courage in standing up to the mad villain known as The Clown, Magno decided to make Davey his partner. He gave Davey a matching costume and shared some of his magnetic abilities with him. However, Magno must occassionally recharge Davey's powers in order for them to work. At one point, Davey was brainwashed into becoming The Clown's partner, but the effects wore off.
First Appearance:
Super-Mystery Comics vol. 1, #5
Ann Borden
Ann was the daughter of Phillip Borden, a railroad magnate. When her father was threatened by a villain calling himself the Blue Spark, she asked Magno for help. However, she was kidnapped and barinwashed by the Blue Spark. Magno managed to save her and Ann was extremely grateful.
First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics vol. 1, #2
Gloria Pierce
Gloria was a working girl who accidentally bought a pair of shoes in which The Clown had hidden a valuable item. After Magno and Davey saved her, she showed interest in Davey.
First Appearance:
Super-Mystery Comics #1
Elias Waite
Elias Waite was a friend of Phillip Borden and owner of Waite National Bank. After Magno saved his bank and Phillip's daughter, Waite agreed to finance Magno's adventures. He was later killed by the Cobra when he stood up in defiance of the villain, who tried to hold him hostage.
First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics vol. 1, #2

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