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Alias: Unknown
Occupation:  Brute
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Shanghai, China
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 315 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None
First Appearance: Weird Comics #5 (Fox, August, 1940)
Known Creators: Pierce Rice


Mako was a creature created by the experiments of Dr. Hsin, as a prototype for a new breed of superhumans who were intended to wipe out and replace humanity. Apparently Mako was built from the corpse of at least one dead man. Dr. Hsin infused him with the "essence" (presumably strands of genetic code) from people with desirable qualities, in hopes of creating a perfect composite. In fact, Hsin referred to Mako as "the perfect man," though at the time, Mako was physically perfect, but still had the mentality of a 2-3 year old child. Hsin perfected Mako by kidnapping people around Shanghai and extracting their blood (as well as digging up the bodies of "great men" who had recently died). Mako helped his master in this task for many months, until the pair were confronted by the hero, Thor. Mako became angry and turned against Hsin, and in his mindless rage, left himself open to be defeated by Thor.


Equipment and Abilities:
Mako possessed superhuman strength (at least sufficient to toss a man across a room with ease), and possibly on a level rivaling Thor. He was also highly resistant to injury, and could be healed or made stronger by consuming the blood of others. Mako was described as a physically perfect man, but during his first adventure, his brain had apparently not matured to the point where he could make rational decisions. This made him especially short tempered and ferocious.


Doctor Hsin
Dr. Hsin was a Chinese medical doctor and sceintist who was attempting to create a new breed of perfect men who would do his bidding. He used an ambulance to pick up people in need of emergency medical aid, and brought them back to his remote laboratory on the outskirts of Shanghai in order to steal their blood for his experiments. Hsin usually pre-selected these people based on their gifts and accomplishments, then orchestrated accidents. He also robbed the graves of the recently deceased to get samples of their DNA. Hsin, was at one point caught, and sentenced to death in the electric chair, but he crushed a vial of "hemosterite" in his hand, the moment before the current was turned on, allowing him to survive in a near-death state. Mako then retrieved his body and brought it back to his lab, and nursed him back to health. Hsin was later captured by the hero Thor, and apparently poisoned himself. Thor returned to his lab and destroyed it.
First Appearance:
Weird Comics #5

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