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Alias: Martin Hall
Occupation:  Scientist
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 3'2" (in suit) 3'8"
Weight: 49 lbs (in suit) 150 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None
First Appearance: Blue Bolt #6 (Novelty, November, 1940)
Known Creators: Joe Simon


As a scientist, Martin Hall was determined to discover the secret of cosmic rays.  After years of research and failed attempts, Martin finally learned how to capture the rays.  However, Martin had underestimated the power of the energies he had trapped, and unable to contain it, he was dosed in high levels of radiation.  His cells quickly began to evolve, causing his body to shrink and his mind to grow.  With the last of his strength, he was able to shut down his equipment before he evolved into a giant brain, but his body was forever changed.  Marto decided to build a suit to support his giant head, and give him a means of transportation.

Eventually, Marto was drawn to the active mind of the Green Sorceress in the subterranean kingdom of Voltar.  He teleported himself there and offered to help her in her plans of conquest.  After capturing Blue Bolt, he decided to transfer his brilliant mind into Blue Bolt's physically perfect body.  With this body, he would win the affections of the Green Sorceress, and with her, build a new super race which would easily subjugate the entire world.  Unfortunately, the Blue Army of Deltos invaded, and bombed the complex that Marto was working in, trapping him under rubble.  He appeared to be killed when the complex collapsed, but his suit was equipped with enough life support equipment until volunteers of the Green Army were able to dig him out at the command of the Green Sorceress.  Marto, possessing an extremely frail body was left in a coma for some time afterward, but the Green Sorceress kept him alive, knowing he would be able to provide her with weapons and equipment beyond the world's imagination.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Marto's body and brain have evolved approximately one million years ahead of mankind's current development, making him a super genius, far more intelligent than any other creature living on the earth in our era.  His advanced brain functions have also make him telepathic, capable of sensing thoughts and emotions of other individuals, even over great distances.  This ability also allows him to determine an individuals precise location.

Marto's transformation has left his body physically weak and incapable of supporting his massive head.  Therefore, Marto has built himself a mechanical suit capable of supporting his head and providing him with transportation.  The suit is capable of hovering or resting on a set of wheels.  The suit also has a number of useful features including grasping tentacles.  Presumably, after his near fatal encounter with Blue Bolt, he has updated his suit with defensive weapons systems. Marto has also demonstrated the ability to teleport, though it is unknown whether this is a function of his suit, or external equipment.

Marto was a brilliant inventor who designed a massive "force gun" as weal as a machine which he believed would enable him to transfer his consciousness into another body and some form of teleportation device.  



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