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Marvin the Great


Marvin Smith

Alias: Marvin Smith
Occupation:  Accountant
Group Affiliation:  The eXtra-Men
Base of Operations:
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Atoman #1 (Spark, 1946)
Known Creators: JCA [Jason Comic Art] Studio


Once upon a time there was a peaceful little man named Marvin Smith. He always did his best to please people, but he was tired of being a doormat for his wife, his boss and everyone else around him. He wanted to make a difference and feel respected. One day, he wished he had the strength of Mars, the God of War. No sooner had he wished than Mars showed up and granted him the power that was to turn Marvin Smith into that scintillating scourge of scoundrels - Marvin the Great! Marvin managed to save his boss, Mr. Goldbucks, who was abducted by kidnappers that were collecting millionaires to hold for ransom. His boss rewarded him with a long deserved promotion.


Equipment and Abilities:  
In his civilian identity, Marvin is a bit of a weakling, but by opening a book about Mars and saying the magic word, "Mars," Marvin is magically suited with armor created by Mars, the God of War. The armor imbues him with superhuman strength, increased durability (at least sufficient enough to make him invulnerable to gun fire) and the power of flight. By speaking the magic word again, the armor returns to the book from which it sprang.


Mr. Goldbucks
Mr. Goldbucks is the owner of the bank that Marvin works for. Although he had no respect for Marvin, he was grateful when the hero saved him and several others from a gang of kidnappers. Upon request, Goldbucks agreed to give his employee a promotion as a reward for the hero's help. However, Goldbucks is still unaware that his employee is the same man as the hero who saved him.
First Appearance: Atoman #1 (Spark, 1946)
Mable Smith
Mable is Marvin's large, loud and overbearing wife.
First Appearance: Atoman #1 (Spark, 1946)

Notes:  Marvin may have been the inspiration for Marvin the Martian.


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