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Alias: Unknown
Occupation:  Predator, Assassin
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: Variable
Weight: 740 lbs.
Eyes: Silver
Hair: None
Species: Extradimensional
First Appearance: Captain Flash #1 (Sterling, November, 1954)
Creators:  Martin Smith & Mike Sekowsky

The Mirror Man's origin and motives are unknown.  He appears to be an extradimensional alien, though his ability to speak fluent English suggests he has been a resident or observer of our world for some time.  He has killed about a dozen highly regarded scientists that were involved in a project studying the cosmic radiation bombarding the earth.  Nobody is certain why he targeted these scientists, but his plan was likely sinister.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Mirror Man is an extradimensional creature that has the ability to travel into the universe that can be seen in mirrors.  The Mirror Man is able to use mirrors as gateways into and out of this parallel world.  When he opens a gateway through a mirror, he changes the silicon atoms into isotopes.  The Mirror Man leaves a trail of luminous energy when he travels through mirrors.

The Mirror Man's body is strong and tough, but also very malleable.  He can stretch his limbs to great lengths or change his shape entirely.  In our world, he uses humanoid legs to travel at good speed.  However, he often takes a more serpentine or lizard-like shape, especially when traveling through narrow mirrors.  He can compress himself down to travel through small compact mirrors, or expand himself out into a writhing mass of tentacles, coming out of more than one miror.  The mirror Man's skin is also slimy, enabling him to slip away from enemies, even from the powerful grip of Captain Flash.

The Mirror Man is also a kind of vampire, able to suck essential silicates out of the human body with the bulbous suckers at the ends of his fingers or tentacles.  He needs a fresh supply of organic silicates to survive and grow.




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