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Miss Fury


Alias:Marla Drake
Occupation:  Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  The New Furies
Base of Operations:
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Black Fury newspaper strip (Bell Syndicate, Sunday, April 6, 1941)
Known Creators:  June Tarpé Mills


A wealthy socialite seeking adventure and purpose, she stopped escaped murderer Killer Dawson, while on her way to a costume party. She was wearing a black panther skin suit, made from a ceremonial robe once worn by an African witch doctor and given to her by her uncle. The newspapers dubbed her "The Black Fury" but she later changed her name to Miss Fury and began a career as a costumed crime fighter.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Miss Fury is an exceptional athlete, a highly skilled acrobat and a ferocious fighter. She is also a skilled climber with a knack for scaling and infiltrating buildings. She is a smart detective and well to do in her civilian life. The panther skin from which her suit was made was supposedly cursed or enchanted. This curse likely drew Miss Fury into trouble. The suit also had claws, which were useful in a fight.


A French housemaid who works for Marla and is her closest confidant. Francine is one of the only people who knows Marla's secret identity and she often assists Miss Fury in her adventures and nurses her when she is injured.
The door man in the building where Marla lived. He is one of the only people who know's her secret identity.
Gary Hale
Marla's great love. He was engaged to her, but ran off to Rio de Genero, due to a misunderstanding. While in Rio, he met Miss Fury's nemesis, the Baroness , who asked for his help in escaping Brazil. She even amanged to seduce Gary into marrying her.
Detective Dan Carrey
A detective determined to track down Miss Fury, who accidentally knocked him out in her first adventure. He later fell in love with Marla.
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