Free Universe Characters


Miss Marauder


Diana Adams

Alias: Diana Adams
Occupation:  Socialite, Criminal
Group Affiliation:  Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 5'
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond

As heiress to a great fortune, Diana felt entitled to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted..  She adopted the Miss Marauder identity to operate beyond the law and prevent herself from being identified by the media.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Miss Marauder is a tough and skilled hand to hand combatant, and a deadly marksman who carries a twin pair of .45 handguns.  In addition to her combat abilities, she is an experienced detective, with many contacts in the underworld.  She knows morse code and she is an excellent combat driver.

In her civilian identity, Diana is a famous socialite with many connections and seemingly limitless financial resources.  She has allowed herself to acquire a reputation as a refined and boring conservative to throw off suspicions about her secret identity, but she carries the Miss Marauder costume in the trunk of her car, everywhere she goes.


Russ Bowman
Russ is a sleazy tabloid reporter who writes for the column.  He is infatuated with Miss Marauder and has helped her commit crimes on a few occasions, but he considers Diana Adams to be too straight laced to be interesting.
First Appearance:
Arrow #3

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