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Miss Victory


Alias: Joan Wayne
Occupation:  Stenographer
Group Affiliation:  CIA
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Captain Fearless #1 (Holyoke, 1941)
Known Creators:  Charles Quinlan


While working as a stenographer for an assistant to the Secretary of Commerce in Washington DC, Joan learned of a plot against a senator and decided to take action herself, using the identity of Miss Victory. She soon attracted the attention of the government and the military with her remarkable fighting prowess, and eventually she was trained and sent on missions, reporting directly to the Joint Cheifs of Staff of the United States.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Miss Victory was an unstoppable fighter and seemed to have both superhuman strength and resistance to injury. She was also a good climber, and carried a grappling hook with her. She drove a high powered sports car. Later, during the war, she proved to be an ace fighter pilot and an expert with conventional firearms.


Ella was Joan's friend and co-worker who often accompanied her to shows and parties. She was also Joan's rival for the affection of Sgt. Warden. Ella was close enough to Joan in size and appearance that when gangsters tracked Miss Victory to their office, they believed that Ella was actually Miss Victory.
First Appearance:
Captain Aero #7
Seargent Warden
The searget was an active soldier who once ordered his men to assist Miss Victory in saving Ella. Warden began dating Ella, but longed to meet Miss Victory.
First Appearance:
Captain Aero #7
Lucy Graham
Lucy is Joan's cousin. During World War II, Lucy worked at a war plant in a town called Drillton, where she ended up getting sick.
First Appearance:
Captain Aero #7

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