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Alias:  Moloka
Occupation:  Space Pirate
Group Affiliation:  Monster Society
Base of Operations: Pluton
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance:  Fantastic Comics #9 (Fox, August, 1940)
Known Creators:  
  Fletcher Hanks

Moloka was a mad space pirate, who came into possession of a vaporizer ray which could turn the entire surface of a planet into molten slag. He used this weapon, in addition to his fleet of Space Titans and Space Leviathans, to destroy a number of inhabited planetoids to demonstrate his organization's power. He planned to move onto our own solar system, where he hoped to threaten the destruction of the sun, in order to secure the complete and utter obedience of every planet in the solar system. He was going to start his reign of terror, with another demonstration of power, this time destroying all life on Neptune. However, he was stopped by the space wizard, Stardust. Stardust turned his vaporizer ray back on Moloka's home planetoid of Pluton, destorying his headquarters. Stardust then destroyed his fleet of ships with their own missiles. Stardust then left Moloka to spend his final days wandering the arid and lifeless ruins of Pluton, so he could contemplate his crimes. However, leaving a mad genius like Moloka alive and unguarded was probably the worst mistake Stardust ever made.


Equipment and Abilities:
Moloka is a ruthless space pirate, skilled in both navigating starships and destroying them. His suit offers protection from physical injury and allows him to survive in nearly any environment. The helmet on his suit allows him to telepathically control an entire fleet of slave ships. He is a skilled fighter, especially in Zero-G conditions, and he is a genius with technology and battle tactics. Unfortunately, he is certifiably insane.




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