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Moon Girl


Alias: Clare Lune/Lane
Occupation:  High School Teacher, Princess, Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  Samarkand
Base of Operations: Metropole City (originally) Samarkand
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: The Happy Houlihans #1 (E.C. Comics, 1947)
Known Creators:  Max Gaines, Gardner Fox, & Sheldon Moldoff


Clare was a descendant of King Kaidu and his daughter, the Princess of the Moon. In the 13th Century, the Princess of the Moon, the greatest warrior of her people, fought and slew the wizard Ka-Zhan, and took from him the Moonstone, a atlisman of great power. The Moonstone was passed down from one matriarch of Samarkand to the next, until finally, Clare's mother passed it down to her. As had been tradition among the princesses of her land, Clare was not allowed to marry a man unless he could defeat her in contests of strength. Prince Mengu made the attempt but failed. However, Clare liked her handsome, young suitor and followed him to America. There she used the Moonstone to become a great hero.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Moon Girl is granted superhuman strength (the power of ten ordinary men), speed, endurance and resistance to injury by the power of the moonstone she wears around her neck. The moonstone can also lead her toward a specific target object, and show her what is happening in other parts of the world when inserted into a special viewing screen. Even without the stone, Clare is a higly trained fighter, easily capable of taking on nearly anyone on the planet unarmed or with melee weapons. She is a great athlete and a skilled rider and pilot. She has telepathic control over her own private "Moonship" and as a princess, she has a great deal of wealth and influence.


Prince Mengu (aka Lionel Manning)
A young prince who travelled 1000 miles to Samarkand to become a suitor to Moon Girl. However, because she defeated him in combat, he became inelligible to marry her, by the law of Samarkand. Mengu left the old world to start again in a mid-size city in the Mid-West of the United States. There, he became a track and field coach at a university and adopted the name Lionel Manning. Moon Girl, who had feelings for the prince, followed him to America. The prince decided to join her on her quest against the forces of evil, hoping to protect her. He is nearly her rival in terms of physical strength and fighting skill, but it is usually Moon Girl who saves the day. He is described as one of the greatest athletes of all time, superior to all of his contemporaries. He claimed to be a blood descendant of Hercules.
First Appearance:
The Happy Houlihans #1
STAR (Selena Brown)
An orphan girl, raised on a farm, who found a Moonstone necklace in her family's attic. When she put the necklace on, and discovered that she had superhuman strength, her amazing power attracted the attention of the media. Thugs, looking to capitalize on her power, threatened to kill Selena's foster parents if she did not help them with a bank job. She complied, but the bank job was foiled by Moon Girl, who turned out to be Selena's natural cousin. Moon Girl took Selena on as her new sidekick.
First Appearance:
Moon Girl Fights Crime #7
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