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Mr. Aqua


Alias:  None
Occupation:  Imp
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: None
Hair: None
Species: Water Elemental
First Appearance:  Plastic Man #25 (Quality, January, 1950)
Known Creators:  
  Jack Cole

Mr. Aqua was apparently created by accident while Duncan Groat was experimenting with chemicals, trying to find a chemical catalyst that would make water solid at room temperature. Mr. Aqua appeared after a chemical explosion, and immediately knew how to speak English, claiming that Groat had created him. He accompanied Groat to a a science convention, but when other scientists began to mock Groats, Mr. Aqua took it personally, and killed the president of the science council. He was pursued by Plastic Man, but managed to get away and go about the city wreaking havok. He made an attempt on Groat's life, afraid that the scientist was the one man who could destroy him, and he nearly managed to drown Plastic Man.


Equipment and Abilities: 
Mr. Aqua is a sentient creature composed entirely of water. While he usually takes a humanoid form, he is capable of taking any shape and can pass through any opening that a small drop of water could fit through. Possessing the qualities of water, his body will flow around blunt attacks and absorb them without injury. He is capable of reconstituing himself entirely if his body is split into more than one piece. Extreme heat and extreme cold are his only known weaknesses, as they cause him to change state, and he must return to a liquid state to be in control of his body. Mr. Aqua is a bit malicious and usually attacks his enemies by trying to drown them.




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