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Plastic Man

"The Most Fantastic Man Alive! "

Eel O'Brian

Alias: Elliot "Eel" O'Brian
Occupation:  FBI Agent, (former) Gangster
Group Affiliation:  FBI, Mammoth City Police
Base of Operations: Mammoth City (or Chicago)
Height: Variable, (originally) 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality, August, 1941)
Known Creators: Jack Cole


Elliot O'Brian's parents were killed when he was only 10 years old.  Alone in the world and left to fend for himself on the streets, he turned to a life of crime and for a time, he thought he found the family he never had in organized crime!  Eventually, he became a wanted man in eight states.

However, during a raid of Crawford Chemical Works, an armed guard showed up and "Eel" O'Brian was shot in the arm and drenched with a vat of acid.  Wounded, his most trusted friends in crime drove off without him, leaving him to die or be captured.  Eel managed to get away, and wandered into the local woods.  There he passed out, dizzy from the effects of the acid.  When he woke up, he found himself in a clean bed in a monastery called Rest Haven.  The monks there not only treated his wounds, but provided him sanctuary from the police, hoping that he would find a higher calling with them, than he would in jail.

Eel was grateful and decided to turn his life around.  He figured the best way he could atone for the sins was to end the criminal careers of all the gangsters he had partnered with in the past.  He used his own identity to gain the trust of his old colleagues, and then, changed his facial appearance and became Plastic Man, to put a stop to their schemes.  He eventually asked for, and was granted status as a deputized officer of the local police force (after leading the police to Eel O'Brian). Later, as his reputation as a crime fighter grew, the President of the United States personally asked him to join the FBI.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The cells in Plastic Man's body have been mutated, so that their molecular bonds can be stretched to extreme limits without breaking.  This makes Plastic Man extremely resilient to physical injury and allows him to stretch his body in incredible ways.  Most physical attacks on plastic man bounce back at his opponents, which can have fatal consequences for anyone who tries to shoot him with metal slugs.  He has also proven resistant to attacks from knives and sledgehammers, falls from great heights, and he has even survived being run over by a steam roller. His body also has rubber-like properties, and does not conduct electricity.

With practice, Plastic Man has developed absolute control over his body's shape.  He can alter the shape of his face and body to resemble any type of person he wishes, and can mimic a person's features close enough to fool their friends.  He can expand his body to make it several stories tall, or condense it so small that he can squirm through a keyhole.  He can also take on unusual shapes for innovative effects.  He has used his arm as a lasso and used his body as a slingshot and a parachute.  He can coil his arms around opponents like a boa constrictor.  He appears to have a superhuman degree of strength enabling him to lift at least three people with one arm.  He can also run quickly by stretching his legs to great lengths.  In combat he can easily dodge attacks with his unusual body movements and can stretch his arm far enough to punch an opponent on the other side of a room.  His flexibility also makes it easy for him to find hiding spots.

As a respected gangster, Eel O'Brian has extensive connections in the criminal underworld, and as Plastic Man, he is a deputized law enforcement agent.


Woozy Winks Woozy Winks
Woozy Winks was a dim witted petty thief who became a loyal friend and partner to Plastic Man. While fishing, Woozy saved the life of a drowning wizard named Zambi. Zambi rewarded him by casting a spell that caused nature to protect Woozy from harm. Woozy decided to use his apparent invincibility to get rich and that led him to carrying out more serious crimes for a mob boss. Plastic Man managed to convince Woozy to listen to his conscience and join him in fighting crime, while convincing Captain Murphy to place him in his custody to serve parole for his crimes. Although his invulnerability seemed to wear off, he did have a few natural talents including an apptitude for picking pockets and eavesdropping. Unfortunately, his crazy schemes often got him into trouble (he was frequently framed for crimes). He was a particular sucker for pretty girls. He claimed to have no living blood relatives.
First Appearance: Police Comics #13 (November, 1942)
Captain Murphy (or Captain Murray)
Captain Murphy was the police chief of Mammoth City who grudgingly agreed to allow Plastic Man to join the police force for breaking up a crime ring and leading police to the notorious gangster Eel O'Brain.  The good captain considers the capture of Eel O'Brian to be a top priority. Although he considers Plastic Man a "freak" he also knows that his abilities make him an amazing weapon against crime.  Murphy is a proud man and prefers not to show his emotions, but he occassionally lets his fondness for Plastic Man slip out.
First Appearance: Police Comics #2 (September, 1941)
Chief Branner
Branner is the FBI chief that Plastic Man and Woozy Winks reported to when they joined the organization (although Woozy was not an official member of the agency).
First Appearance: Police Comics #23 (September, 1943)

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