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The Great Question


Alias:  Unknown
Occupation:  Monk, Warlord
Group Affiliation:  Council of Seven
Base of Operations: Tibet
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #5 (Centaur, September, 1939)
Known Creators: Bill Everett

The Great Question is a member of the Council of Seven, who raised John Aman to be their champion, and protect society from evil.  The Question was one of Aman's instructors and was in charge of his final tests.  However, his influence on Aman's life was subversive, as the Question's goals were slightly different than the those of the Council itself.  The Question believed that the only way to protect society from evil, was to take control of it himself.  The Question attempted to influence Aman into joining him in his quest for power, but Aman refused.  Instead, The Great Question found that his former pupil was disrupting his plans.  He attempted to discredit Aman, and when that did not work, he vowed to destroy him.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Great Question is a master manipulator, even without his powerful telepathic abilities. With his telepathy, he can read and influence the minds of other from the far side of the globe. He also has a vast network of spies around the world that help him to control events. Among his many henchman are a team of scientists who help him to build high tech weaponry and equipment. He has a transporter device in his Tibetan lair which can teleport him anywhere in the world instantly, or bring him back to his lair. He has a gun that can trap an individual in a sealed force bubble, sufficient to prevent Aman from escaping as "The Green Mist."  He has also piloted a huge mech robot, around 100 feet tall. The Great Question usually stages his appearances, and always has trap doors near him, which lock once they are closed behind him. When forced to stand and fight an enemy, The Great Question's weapon of choice is a small dagger.  He is a master of wushu.




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