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Happy Terrill

Alias: Hubert "Happy" Terrill
Occupation:  Newspaper Reporter
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
First Appearance: Smash Comics #14 (Quality, September, 1940)
Known Creators:
Will Eisner and Lou Fine


"Happy" Terrill was a gutsy and ambitious reporter, first for The New York Star and later for The Metropolitan News.  His chief at The Star relied upon him to get the scoop on the toughest assignments.  For a story on the groundbreaking experiments being conducted by Professor Styne, Terrill volunteered to accompany him on a low orbit space mission.  When the crew of the spacecraft was endangered by an approaching cosmic storm, Terrill wasted no time in leaving the space capsule to lock down the ship and save the others aboard.  While outside the ship, Terrill was bathed in cosmic radiation and swept off the spacecraft.  He tumbled into space, but discovered that he was able to transform himself into pure light and travel on light beams.  He decided to use his amazing new abilities to help people as the hero known simply as "The Ray."


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Ray draws his power from light, and beams of light recharge his abilities. He has the ability to transform himself into light waves, and travel along beams of light. During the day, this allows him to essentially fly at light speed, but at night, he must find a sufficient source of light beams in order to travel in this manner. Also, while he is in a light beam, he can make himself insubstantial, allowing physical attacks to pass right through him.

The Ray is able to focus light and electromagnetic energy in a number of ways. He can use it to create brilliant and intensely hot laser beams, capable of burning through brick and steel. He can also use his electromagnetic powers to attract, repel and levitate people and objects. The ray is also capable of detecting any energy in the electromagnetic spectrum, even if it is faint, allowing him to see in very low light, and to see into other light spectrums such as infrared.

They Ray's abilities will not work for long without sufficient amounts of light, and therefore, he is nearly powerless in the dark.

In addition to these powers, Terrill himself is a superb athlete, highly skilled in acrobatics and hand-to-hand combat, capable of taking on a half dozen men at a time. He is very strong, though this may be somewhat enhanced by his ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy. He was also a skilled pilot and rider, and he knew Morse code.


Buddy was a newspaper boy who learned Happy's secret identity and often accompanied him on assignments, to aid him in investigations. Buddy saved the Ray's life a few times and was often sent to bring reinforcements.
First Appearance: Smash Comics
Sue Saunders
Sue was a reporter for the New York Star. She was a rival to Happy as a reporter, but on a personal level, she thought he was cute. She first met him while on assignment in Syria. She nursed Buddy back to health after he was knocked unconscious by a bomb. She was an under cover reporter and an expert at disguise.
First Appearance:
Smash Comics #31
Professor Styne
Styne was the scientist in charge of the space mission in which Terrill became the Ray.  Styne was working for the Department of Defense and when he returned to Earth, he was shot and wounded by spies attempting to steal his research.  The Ray managed to retrieve Styne's work and apprehend the men who shot him.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #14
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Notes:  The Ray is actively used by DC Comics, and they hold the trademark on the character.


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