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The Shark


Alias: Prince Shaqar, (surface world) Shaun Seaborn
Occupation:  Prince and Defender of the Oceans
Group Affiliation:  New Furies
Base of Operations:  The Seven Seas
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange
Species: Demi-God
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #6 (Centaur, 1941)
Known Creators:  Lew Glanzman


The son of the god Neptune and a mermaid princess, Prince Shaqar is a powerful demi-god who has taken up the responsibility of defending the balance of life in the seas of the earth.  Though he was the rightful heir to the kingdom of the merfolk, an ambitious baron who sought the hand of his mother, was jealous of Neptune's relationship with her.  The baron murdered his mother and hid the Shaqar on land, so that Neptune could not find him.  With this bargaining chip, Neptune was forced to concede the kingdom to the Baron.  However, the baron's henchman, who was left to watch Shaqar, eventually came to love the child and in his guilt, revealed to the prince his true origin.  Prince Shaqar eventually found his way back to his father, and took his rightful place as ruler of the kingdom.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Shark's natural abilities include the ability to breathe underwater with the gills behind his ears, and enhanced strength and endurance in the water.  His strength and his webbed finger and toes make him a remarkably fast swimmer.  The Shark also has natural telepathic powers.  He is sometimes able to telepathically whisper thoughts into the mind of both humans and sea creatures.  With the help of a specially designed televisor, he is sometimes able to telepathically hone in on distressed minds and see through the eyes of these distressed creatures.  The Shark also appears to have a natural empathy with sharks, and they often swim with him.  As a demi-god, he may be immortal.

Out of the water, the Shark's strength is reduced to normal human levels, and if he is out of the water for a prolonged period of time, he will continue to grow weaker.  To help him retain his power on land, his father, Neptune, gave him an enchanted knife.  So long as the Shark maintains contact with the knife, he retains full strength as if he were in the water, and he also gains the ability to teleport to any location where there is water.  When he does this, he leaves a puddle behind.  The Shark often looses his knife in combat, and once, he was convinced to put it down to fight fair.  The knife can not be used to harm living creatures.  If it is used to inflict a wound, the same wound will be transferred to the individual who was wielding the knife, once they are no longer in contact with the knife.


Father Neptune Father Neptune
Father Neptune is presumably the god once worshiped by the Greeks and Romans.  He is at least several hundred years old, and is considered the king of the sea.  He loves to fight a worthy opponent, and considers himself a man's man.
First Appearance:
Amazing Man Comics #6 (Centaur, 1941)

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