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Jenny Everywhere


Alias: Jenny Everywhere
Occupation:  Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Everywhere
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Known Creators:  Steven Wintle & the community 


Variable.  Jenny is a brave, friendly and outgoing girl who travels between realities.  Because alternate realities often evolve in a similar way, Jenny makes it her mission to prevent catastrophes that she witnesses from repeating themselves in parallel realities.

Jenny is sometimes pitted against a nemesis named Jenny Nowhere, who in many realities, appears to be her evil twin.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Jenny has the ability to shift from one reality to another, her form, attributes and abilities often changing somewhat in the process.  She usually wears a scarf, gloves, boots, a coat and goggles, and often carries a bag.  Her bag may contain weapons, equipment or artifacts which she picked up as souvenirs in a previous reality.  She is a scrappy fighter when pushed, but she prefers to rely on her wits, especially in realities with beings who are much more powerful than her.


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