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Silver Streak


Alias: Jed Silverman
Occupation:  Driver, Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #3 (Lev Gleason, March, 1940)
Known Creators:  Jack Binder 


Jed grew up in the Carson Orphanage and never knew his family.  Though he craved adventure and purpose, he lived a listless existence as a taxi driver.  Because of his lack of close personal connections, he was selected by a wealthy swami to be a driver for his race car, the Silver Streak, which had proven to be a very hazardous occupation. The swami's previous racers had all been killed under mysterious circumstances.  The swami prepared Jed for the race through a combination of hypnosis and the use of an experimental drug treatment that was meant to bolster his constitution against the poison that had killed the other racers.  When the day for the race came, Jed was attacked by the same giant genetically engineered insect that had killed the other drivers.  The swami's efforts prevented Jed from dying, but the strange poison secreted by the mutated insect fundamentally changed his DNA, granting him superhuman speed.  After the swami revived him, Jed came to realize that he could run faster than the car he was paid to drive.  Feeling betrayed by the swami, Jed set out on his own, and tracked down Dr. Katan, the man who had created the mutated insect.  After capturing Dr. Katan, Jed collected his notes and research papers to figure out what had happened to him.  Now imbued with fantastic abilities, Jed decided to dedicate them to protecting the innocent.  Jed had never known where he had come from, but he had finally discovered his identity, as Silver Streak, the fastest man imaginable.


Continuing the Story:   
There is no telling how Jed's mutations might have effected his life expectancy.  They might have shortened it or prolonged it.  Assuming Silver Streak aged like everyone else, then the one who fought in World War II probably would have retired by the mid 70's.  His young friend Mercury may have continued his adventures into the 80's, and Jed's blood might have been used to mutate other heroes and villains.


In a modern retelling of the story, Jed might have been a volunteer guinea pig in some kind of bio-physics experiment performed by Dr. Katan.  Or perhaps he was an astronaut instead of a race car driver, and was exposed to some strange cosmic radiation.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Silver Streak is able to run at incredible speeds, fast enough to appear as nothing more than a blur and a gust of wind (in some stories, he can travel at least 20,000 miles per hour, and is said to be capable of keeping pace with light).  He can run straight up or straight down vertical walls with ease, and run across water as if it were solid.  With enough momentum he can make amazing leaps of at least 100m.  He has been known to throw dozens of punches in a single instant and throw bricks like machine gun rounds.  He often carries a pair of steel tipped gloves which he can use to boar through the walls of enemy compounds by spinning.  He is unusually strong as well, though not to a truly superhuman degree.  He has demonstrated the ability to tip over a car, using his momentum and "Herculean effort."  He has also managed to throw heavy objects unusual distances.  Silver Streak recovers quickly from injuries, although not necessarily to a superhuman degree (it takes him several days to recover from a gunshot wound).


Eventually, Silver Streak's speed and jumping ability morphed into the ability to fly and hover in the air.  There is no explanation for it, except Superman envy.  In his last appearance he is depicted with dark hair and a cape, much like Superman, but by then he was almost a totally different character.


MERCURY (Mickey O'Toole)
Mickey supported his mother and his kid sister Mary by shining shoes.  His father, "Slugger" O'Toole was a heavyweight boxer who was poisoned during a championship bout, when he refused to throw the fight.  Having learned to fight from his father, Mickey was found beating up a notorious gangster and Silver Streak quickly became friends with the boy.  After a physical exam to make sure his constitution was strong enough, Silver Streak injected Mickey with the same formula that gave him his abilities.  Now that Mickey was able to keep up, he was ready to become Silver Streak's partner.
First Appearance:
Silver Streak Comics #11
Whiz was a hunting falcon that belonged to an Arabian falconer named Ali Ben Hassen.  When Hassen captured Silver Streak, he injected Whiz with the superhero's blood, making him the fastest falcon alive, and a true treasure.  However, Whiz turned on his master and became Silver Streak's new ally.  In later stories, Whiz somehow gained human speech (maybe it was Jed's imagination).
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #6
Kitty Doyle
An old friend of Silver Streak from the orphanage, Kitty is a national radio newscaster and popular newspaper columnist, who reports political news.  She has an apartment in Manhattan and works for Acme Broadcasting Co.  Silver Streak admires her and wonders why he never got serious with her.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #10
Jenny Standbox
Jenny is an extremely friendly and outgoing woman, who can talk faster than Silver Streak can run.  She is in charge of the Carson Orphanage and would do anything for her kids
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #4
The daughter of Dr. Katan's partner.  Silver Streak rescued her from the mad scientist.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #4
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