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"The Super Wizard"

Alias: None
Occupation:  Self-Appointed Judge, Jury, Executioner
Group Affiliation:  The Sixth Column
Base of Operations: Stardust's "Private Star," otherwise mobile throughout the Galaxy
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 400 lbs.
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Gold
First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #1 (Fox, 1939)
Known Creators:  Fletcher Hanks


Stardust is the living avatar of a sentient star, created to perceive and interact with other sentient creatures, including the humans it was modeled after. The star designed its avatar to look like creatures it observed in the radio wave broadcasts that it was able to interpret. However, without a clear sense of scale, it created Stardust in unusually large proportions. As the avatar continued to observe humanity, it came to the conclusion that to be accepted and even respected within humanity, it should model its appearance and behavior after the class of humanity known as superheroes. At first, Stardust used hi abilities to manipulate matter to dispense his own form of justice and he was accepted into the ranks of the superheroes. However, when he confronted the villain known as the Great Question, the Question was able to make him rethink his perceptions of humanity and doubt his own mission. The dizzying philosophical quandaries posed to him by the Great Question, made him unsure of the nature of his own existence and purpose. Unhappy with his deep uncertainty, Stardust decided to trust what was most tangible. He decided that he might be able to discover the true nature of good and evil, right and wrong through the tangible evidence of victory in combat. H e began challenging heroes and villains alike and once he suffered his first defeat, he decided the truth must be determined by forcing others into gladiatorial combat. He began transporting heroes and villains to fight in an arena orbiting his star. Each combatant would represent an ideal and the winner would determine the ideals value.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Stardust avatar has almost total mastery over the matter within its vicinity, allowing him to rearrange its molecular structure, or simply move it, as if he had telekinesis. He has been known to use these abilities in a variety of ways. He frequently suspends foes in mid-air to prevent their escape, he has used his abilities to redirect bombs and missiles back towards his enemies, and he frequently transforms his enemies into harmless creatures. He has also used his abilities to manipulate his own body. He posses vast superhuman strength, he uses his abilities to fly through the air and teleport himself in a blinding flash of light. He can transport himself and others across lightyears of space within moments, and from his birth star, he can monitor human activities on earth and other planets...   


The Sixth Column were a group of enthusiastic youths from earth who embraced Stardust as the savior of humanity. Understanding that children are the future of the human race, Stardust set up youth clubs across the United States, encouraging young people to help spread his ideology and carry on his crusade. He gave the boys uniforms similar to his own, as well as high tech equipment which replicated a number of his own abilities. The boys, given these abilities, began to dispense their own form of justice in Stardust's name. This brought them into conflict with a number of earth's heroes.
First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #14

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