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Alias: Unknown
Occupation:  Scientist, Conqueror
Group Affiliation:  Death Battalion
Base of Operations: Mobile Submersible Island
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145 lbs. (mostly brain)
Eyes: Green
Hair: None
First Appearance: Rangers Comics #1 (Fiction House, 1941)
Known Creators: Captain Raymond Colt and Joe Doolin


The Super-Brain is a highly advanced extra-terrestrial who came to earth with the intention of conquering it, and establishing a new world order. The first step in his grand scheme was to ally himself with the Axis Powers during World War II in hopes of destroying freedom loving nations, which might resist his plans. The Super-Brain even managed to lead a successful Axis invasion of New York City before his plans were thwarted by the Rangers of Freedom. Over the years, his efforts were repeatedly frustrated by heroes, but he managed to survive for several centuries after the war. Eventually, he was killed by Mysta of the Moon with one of his own super weapons.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Super-Brain is an alien with vast mental powers, including telekenesis, telepathy and the ability to project images into the minds of others. With a focused and sustained effort, the Super-Brain can even dominate the mind of another, brainwashing them to do his will. This power can be amplified with technology to control entire populations from thousands of miles away.

The Super-Brain also has an advanced intellect, and he is a great scientist and inventor. He has created a variety of thechnological terrors including a rod that causes the atoms in metal to explode, and a fungus-like bio weapon that quickly grows and devours everything within site. He has also used hologram projectors, a ray that renders objects invisible, and a serum that grants temporary invulnerability.

The Super-Brain had a relatively weak body and found it difficult to walk, due to the size of his head. Because of this, he was usually confined to a wheel chair, though he could support himself and even levitate himself through telekenesis. He was also deathly afraid of fire. The flame of a single match was enough to make him shriek.

Because of his limitations in physical combat, the Super-Brain usually surrounded himself with a gang of rough looking henchmen or soldiers. They were usually armed with conventional weapons, while the Super-Brain wielded his own advanced weapons to aid them.



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