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Thor Grant Farrel

"The God of Thunder"

Grant Farrel

Alias: Grant Farrel
Occupation:  Scientist
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 6'4”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: Weird Comics #1 (Fox, 1940)
Known Creators:  Pierce Rice


Thor, the Norse god of thunder, and son of the mighty Odin, had experienced many adventures in his day, on Earth, and upon the other worlds of the cosmos. Retiring to his great hall, Bilskirnir in Asgard, Thor continued to watch over the people of Earth, who once exhalted him and his great deeds. He saw that mankind once again needed a champion with his power, and he saw in Grant Farrel, a man with a strong desire to make a difference in the world, frustrated by his weaknesses. Thor decided to share his power with Farrel, to give the man a chance to fight the good fight and find a new sense of purpose. More improtantly, to give mankind a new hero to overcome the powerful new evils that threatened to enslave or destroy the people Thor had sworn to protect. He took Farrel with him, back to Asgard, to train him in the use of his power. Thor was impressed with the way Farrel handled his new power, and appointed him as the new "Guardian of Midguard."


Equipment and Abilities:
When he transformed into Thor, Farrel possessed superhuman strength, the ability to fly, the ability to cast powerful electrical blasts from his gauntlets, and the ability to generate storms. He wielded Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, which could be thrown hard enough to smash through multiple tanks but, like a boomerang, would return to his hand. As Thor, he could also travel to and from Valhalla (or anywhere else on earth) almost instantaneously by riding a lighning bolt. When Farrel was not in his Thor form, the real Thor watched over the earth and could telepathically communicate with Farrel to tell him about problems brewing in other parts of the world, sometimes through dreams. Farrel was also a brilliant scientist.


Grant's secretary, and the object of his affection. Although Grant tried to date her, she was frustrated by his apparent lack of spirit, and was far more interested in Thor. Glenda was whimsical, spontaneous, confident and extremely adventurous. She was the kind of girl who was okay with vacationing in a war zone. She also demonstrated the courage to do the right thing in a dangerous situation. She was frequently kidnapped. She began to piece together that Grant was the new Thor, and presumably they would have lived happily ever after, once she knew the truth.
First Appearance:
Weird Comics #1

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