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The Electrifying Queen of Crime"

Alias:  Eilene "Thrilla" Amparo
Occupation:  Criminal
Group Affiliation:  Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 5'5

Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Police Comics #100 (Quality, June, 1950)
Known Creators: Jack Cole


While in prison, Thrilla learned that she could absorb the electrical energy produced by the prison's generator.  She spent so much time in the generator room, mastering her power, that she was eventually let out for good behavior.  When she returned home and discovered that her crime boss boyfriend, Swiggsy, was with another woman, she electrocuted them both, and took over the gang (the surviving members being Prig and Beetle).  After attempting to rob a bank, she was stopped by Plastic Man, the only hero immune to her deadly electrical abilities.

Equipment and Abilities:  
Thrilla possessed the ability to absorb electrical energy within her vicinity and direct it as she willed.  She possessed total mastery over electrical energy. She could power electrical devices around her, gently turning on a light, or cast electrical bolts from her fingertips which were powerful enough to cause wood to explode or steel to melt. When she wished to electrocute someone, she usually did so by embracing them for a kiss and then electrifying her entire body. Her mastery over electricity also enabled her to generate magnetic fields. She could magnetically repel bullets or disarm opponents by attracting their weapons to her. However, her magnetic abilities were not as refined as her mastery over electrical forces.



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