Free Universe Characters


The Torch


Alias: Dr. Rick Rydenham
Occupation:  Scientist, Thief
Group Affiliation:  The Deadly Dozen
Base of Operations: New York
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #36 (Nedor, December, 1944)
Creators: Unknown

Dr. Rydenham was a research scientist for the Timberly Mine Company, who unearthed an extremely valuable ruby in India.  He had it sent back to the United States and buried in the lot next to his house.  However, when he returned home, he discovered a hospital being built on the lot, and he assumed the identity of the torch to scare away the workers who were building the hospital.  He nearly killed several of the workers, but was stopped and eventually captured by the Black Terror.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Torch is a brilliant scientist and inventor.  He carried a small handheld blowtorch of his own design which could throw flames up to 50 feet, and was hot enough to melt though iron beams.  He was a clever saboteur and schemer as well.  He commanded a small gang of thugs.  



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