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The Voltans are not particularly inventive and they are not known for their ingenuity, as their culture emphasizes conformity and discourages individuality and critical thought. From a young age, Voltans are taught that their culture is superior and that the destruction of inferior races and cultures is an honorable duty. Each individual Voltan is expected to put the interests of the empire above their own personal interests and passions. Voltans who fail the empire become outcasts, and usually make their living as mercenaries and bounty hunters. These individuals can usually be found in the dark alleys, gambling halls and opium dens of the slums of Volta.

Despite their lack of imagination, the Voltans have a passion for military tactics, weapons and technology. They posses interstellar spacecraft, energy based hand weapons, energy fences and highly effective brainwashing equipment. They also have the ability to convincingly disguise themselves as humans using masks, though they don't enjoy doing so, and often give themselves away with their speech patterns.  The royal palace on Volta is a magnificent towering structure made of tungsten steel, and the planet itself is protected by a force field.


The Voltans are a race of highly militaristic humanoids who conquered much of the galaxy, including Earth and its solar system around the 33rd Century. Earth, weakened by wars and plague had just arrived into a new age of peace in which even the most powerful nations on the planet had voluntarily dismantled the bulk of their military forces. The Voltans, seeing opportunity swept in and ravaged the planet with their war machines, nearly eradicating the entire human race. Although it was deemed necessary to destroy humanity, the Voltans often enslave other conquered races and many are sent into arenas to fight each other to the death. Arena fights are one of the few forms of entertainment which the Voltans enjoy.

Voltans are distinguished by their pointy ears, sunken eyes and hairless bodies. Their bodies are generally very lithe, and most adults have very flat noses, though as children, most Voltans start with a roundish nose.  Whether the nose shrivels as they age or whether it is cut off in a rite of passage is unclear.  Some of the more primitive blood lines are known for their extraordinarily long arms, though these individuals are usually outcasts.  Voltans usually have dry, wrinkled skin as adults, usually green or brown in color, though some Voltans have a pale complexion.  Their speech pattern is also very distinctive when they speak English.  They tend to structure their sentences backwards.

Representative Names: Exka, Gark, Iqor (captain), Karg, Lido (captain), Lizto (mercenary), Nupa (mercenary), Snagg (mercenary), Stig, Thark, Yak Bar (warlord)

First Appearance: Planet Comics #21

King Klarg
The warped ruler of the Voltans who gained power through merciless cruelty.  He enjoyed personally experimenting on the inhabitants of the planets that his forces conquered (especially humans).  He was killed by a human who inhabited the body of his son, Prince Guth.
First Appearance:
Planet Comics #38
Igor was a Voltan child who secretly questioned the lessons that his school teacher taught about the necessity of enslaving other races.  He saw beauty in what remained of human civilization and sympathized with the plight of the humans.  While exploring, his life was saved by a human, and he resolved to help them when he could.  His kind deeds toward the humans include attempting to direct a food drop to humans in need; using a bow and arrow to put a human out of his misery before he could be torn apart by alien beasts in the arena games, and finally freeing human resistance fighters from prison.  Although his intentions were never discovered by the Voltans, Igor's "clumsy accidents" eventually led to him being put in a stockade on a diet of bread and water.
First Appearance:
Planet Comics #58

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