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"Princess of Flame"

Carol Vance Martin

Alias: Carol Vance Martin
Occupation:  Communications Officer
Group Affiliation:  U.S. Air Force
Base of Operations: Pleasantville
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Red (as Carol) Brown
Hair: Auburn (as Carol) Brown
First Appearance: Smash Comics #25 (Quality, August, 1941)
Known Creators:
Robert Turner and Jim Mooney 


Carol Vance was a young child when she was caught in a forest fire that consumed her home and killed her father, a forest ranger.  Carol was unharmed by the fire and demonstrated love for the flames rather than fear of them.  The "fire god" then revealed himself to her in the flame, and Carol recognized him immediately as "Mr. Fire."  For her courage, the fire god rewarded her with mastery over flames.  When Carol walked out of the smoldering ruins of the forest, she was picked up by firefighters and sent to an orphanage.  The wealthy Martin family, reading about her in the paper, decided to adopt the poor young girl, and provided her with a privileged life.  She grew into an attractive and popular socialite, but she wanted more out of life.  She realized that nothing gave her more joy than helping people with her extraordinary abilities.  15 years after the fire, she took on the identity of Wildfire, to combat crime, and protect the innocent.


Equipment and Abilities:  
Wildfire was given a variety of supernatural abilities by the fire god.  She had total mastery over heat and flame, and could not be harmed by either.  In fact, she could absorb flames to increase her own power.  She had the ability to manipulate flames and super heated plasma into any shape she desired.  She often used this ability to form swords, battle axes and shields out of plasma.  Her plasma shields could vaporize bullets.  She also frequently formed flame into fireballs and hands which could be used to grasp opponents.  Wildfire also had the ability to fly and to engulf her entire body in flame, which was hot enough to melt through steel instantly.  Carol sometimes had prophetic dreams as well, which warned her of imminent trouble.

When activating her powers, Carol's physical appearance changed dramatically.  She appeared to be an entirely different creature as Wildfire.  In her civilian identity, Carol was considered an especially attractive woman, but people were generally more impressed with Wildfire.  Carol was a good fighter, even without her powers.


The Fire God ("Mr. Fire")
When the fire god saw the courage of young Carol Vance, he spared her life from the massive forest fire that consumed her home and her father.  He granted her mastery over flame.
First Appearance:
Smash Comics #25
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin
The Martins were a kind and very wealthy couple who adopted young Carol after her father died.  In their later years, they spent a good amount of their time just sitting around the house, reading the newspaper.  They believed that Wildfire was an urban myth, not a real person.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #25
Mickey Keene
Mickey was a movie star, famous as a leading man in action films.  He was introduced to Carol, and took a liking to her after they went skiing together.  But after Wildfire saved him, he decided that he was even fonder of the superhero.  He was a brave lad, and reasonably skilled with his fists.
Tom Kane
A soldier in the US Army who developed an antidote for poison gas.  He was captured by thugs looking to steal his formula, but he refused to talk, even if he had to die.  He was saved by Wildfire when his little brother Micky signaled her.  He developed a bit of a crush on the heroine.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #36
Micky Kane  
A young boy who had a crush on Wildfire and wanted her to share her powers with him.  Although she could not do that, she gave him a signal by which he could reach her.  He signaled her when he and his brother Tom were in trouble (thanks to his big mouth), and he was not happy when his brother expressed interest in her.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #36
The Martin family's housekeeper, and a confidant to Carol.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #25
Fred Vance
Carol's biological father, who raised her for the first few years of her life.  He was a forest ranger and was killed in the same forest fire from which Carol was spared by the fire god.  He was looking for Carol at the time of his death.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #25

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